When you're forced to change (your message)


Sometimes clients return to work with me after a few years to refresh their message and way of working. 

Things have changed in their life and work and they need to bring their business up to speed. 

Like my client Jenny (name changed), who moved to a new part of the country where it seems everyone is offering the same service that was unique in her prior home town. 

If you've been coaching, counseling or advising folks professionally for some time, you can certainly relate. 

Things can change externally (like a big move) or internally (you undergo an inner shift), and both can force you to change how you do business. 

Things like... 

A sudden influx of "new professionals" entering the marketplace with fancy branding (and far less experience than you) forces you to differentiate your work from others... 

A big change in your personal life has you saying ENOUGH! Life's too short! Time to stop staying in your head about that "new thing" you've been dying to do for years and get on with it... 

What used to work in your marketing is no longer working and it's sink or swim time. Something is forcing you to regroup, adapt and uplevel your business...

Your practice is becoming too busy and unsustainable to keep going as is. You want to streamline and possibly scale back your services but keep your earnings high... 

You've had enough in your marriage. You're planning on leaving your spouse and you need to up your earnings to be able to afford your own domicile... (Yes, my clients share lots of intimate details because we trust each other.) 

You've just retired and you're not ready to "just travel and visit family". You've got a whole lot of living and earning to do and you want a new part-time hours, full-time income business to fund the next 30 to 50 years... 

These are all snapshots of what just some of my clients have used as catalyst to change their business. 

It can be anything!

My client Jenny is savvy enough to know to take a little time to regroup after a big change. 

We're adjusting her message to her new marketplace, changing the way she serves clients and even selected a new clientele to serve. 

She gets to do the exact same work she's always loved to do but in a new way that stands a chance of cutting through the noise. 

So take heart my friend and remember this... 

1) Change is the new normal for all of us. 

Things change and that's not a sign that you're not cut out for having your business. 

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, this is the new normal. 

Change at unprecedented speed is everywhere. 

2) Pivot!

You can feel bad about what needs to change (done that!) or you can use it as a powerful call to see what you're made of. 

Take this challenge and use it as a turning point.

See yourself as nimble, resourceful and for goodness sake, get an expert on your side to help you navigate these changes.

It's like hiring a sherpa to guide you up the mountain or having it go on your own. 

Sure, you can do it by yourself but why would you when you can go up faster, safer and with less stress with a professional guide by your side.

It certainly doesn't have to be me, but do find a mentor, invest in yourself and get on with things. 

Here's to taking the challenges in your business and turning them into defining moments in your career. 



**Resources for You**

1) Have you watched my Small Practice, Big Results Class?

It's the antidote to the go big, or go home approach to service based business

2) Want my help with your message, services and marketing in the #happylittlepractice way? 

Are you ready to refocus and be ready to hit the ground running come January? Click here to schedule a time to talk
3) Elevate your professional routines

Do you have a daily marketing and mindset routine that is simple, focused and effective? 

When you work for yourself, you have to become quite masterful at creating routines that pull you forward, and essential oils help me so much with this. 

For example, doing your marketing routine each morning is so much easier when you diffuse peppermint and wild orange essential oil at your desk.

It's uplifting and focusing and retrains your limbic (emotional) brain to think "marketing routines = good."  

Learn more about using essential oils and other personal performance practices in your professional routines here. 

4) Need a speaker for your next event?

If you have an audience of coaches, consultants, physicians and other service based creatives I may be able to help. Podcasts, webinar trainings, interviews and select in-person events and more I've done them all. 

Click here to learn more

Cool niches to inspire you

Cool Client Niches.png

From time to time, I like to share what my clients are up to. 

I find readers of these #happylittlepractice emails find it inspiring and useful. 

Check out what's new and good with a few clients below. 

Might I suggest to look for a few things...

1) See how they're focusing on solving ONE problem, vs all the problems they could solve 

2) See how they're focusing on ONE audience, vs a variety of people they probably could help

3) See how they're working on getting ONE marketing strategy to work, vs trying to get six half-baked strategies going at one time

4) See how there is always ONE clear way to experience their work and get into their schedule to take the next step. 

Elizabeth helps pre-professional dancers and their parents feel calm, healthy and successful while studying away from home in a ballet conservatory. After filling her private practice she is starting her first group coaching program and is now booking prestigious conference speaking gigs. Learn more about her work here.

Erin is helping high-level executives reinvent their career. Her next talk on “Meaning, Impact, and Legacy in Mid-Career” to mid- and senior-level executives in transition is on Mon, Oct 28 at the Doylestown chapter meeting of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group. Learn more about Erin and her work at https://erinowen.com.

Kelly is booking talks on career reinvention for moms, with her inside-out and outside-in approach. She's a firm believer that a career reinvention must be fueled by a health reinvention. Learn more about her work at www.kellyfalconecoaching.com and bring her in to speak in the New Jersey area and online.

Kimberley is a holistic sleep consultant for parents who don't want to do the "cry it out" method. She is currently working booking talks in the DC area and is available for podcast interviews on The Holistic Guide to Better Sleep for Babies and Toddlers: Learn 5 key facts our culture gets wrong so that you can let go of the sleep struggle and “am I doing it wrong” anxietyLearn more about her talk here. 

Robin Pfaff is working on her new website that helps over 50 women with fibromyalgia feel better again. She is already booked for an interview on new ways to manage fibromyalgia instead of letting fibromyalgia manage you on November 12th on the Fibromyalgia Podcast. Save the date and send to a friend with fibro!

The clients I work with are lovingly segmented into three tiny, but mighty "little" tribes that focused on accomplishing ONE THING at a time. 

In my 20 years of coaching, I've noticed parents (and others who have an offline life), do best when they can focus on getting one thing done at a time. 

Tribe #1) Happy Little Practice Business Redesign - 10 short weeks to refocusing your niche, services, website, and client booking systems -- and then you're ready to go. 

Tribe #2) Great Little Talks Marketing and Monetization - Most of my clients shift to speaking once they finish HLP or simply start here if there message is already on point. 

Tribe #3) Your First 10 Clients for Brand New Coaches - This is something new I'm doing and working with 12 women to take on their first 10 clients. 

This email is a sneak peek into what some of the ladies in Great Little Talks are up to. 

What about you? Do you love to teach? 

Do you know that if you can just get in front of the room of your ideal clients, you stand a good chance of creating a new client (or two, or three?)

Have you already given talks now and then and want to learn the ins and outs of turning this into a sustainable system (the mindset, the courage, the methodology, the hiccups and more)? 

Are you a self-starter and can persevere when you're learning new things? 

If so, I got you covered!

Learn more here at GreatLittleTalks.com.

Hope this inspires and reminds you that small is really big enough when you focus in the right way. 

Here's to your own #happylittlepractice, 


*** Want more help? A few options ***

1) Not ready to start giving talks but you're ready to refocus your message, services, and website in the Happy Little Practice way?

It's where most of my clients start. Click here to apply for a time to get into my schedule and let's see if working together makes sense. 

2) Not sure what all this #happylittlepractice stuff is all about?

Grab some tea and pen and paper and please go watch my signature talk on Small Practice, Big Results. It's not for everyone but it's especially suited to parents with a service-based business (and early retirees who are hell bent on creating a second act as it turns out!) who want to earn a full-time income in a 25 hour work week. 

3) Want to learn more about speaking as a single source of new clients?

Listen, it's not easy-peasy, but it's simple. Mostly because it requires courage. But then again, no marketing is easy-peasy, okay? So, here's a free audio training on how Great Little Local Talks work and that should tell you if it's a fit or not. 

4) Already have a successful business and want to scale it back but keep the big in-come?

Yes, believe it or not, some people scale BACK after they've gone big. Get in touch here. 

5)  Need a speaker?

Check me out over here and put me in coach! ;) Podcast interviews, private trainings for coaching schools, virtual conferences and the occasional in-person event. I'm always ready. 

The Radical Subversiveness of Enough


There is the camp of coaches/practitioners barely getting by and firmly ensconced in that camp. They don’t invest in business education other than a few hundred here and there, and never go all the way in. Another group always investing heavily and struggling to get things they invest in to pay off, mostly because they haven’t mastered the basics, too busy chasing the big time.

The #happylittlepractice folks bypass all of this. We do this by knowing how much is our enough.

And by enough I mean a deep sense of peace and plenty.

And it different for everyone and everyone gets to decide what that enough is. And it evolves and adapts to your life. It’s like choosing an internal metric for your business vs what everyone else is saying should be your metric. It’s very subversive in a culture that believes only bigness is relevance. An old belief that hails from the industrial revolution.

Freedom and true wealth comes from choosing your enough. Because there is more to life than work.

Inspired by @pauljarvis “company of 1” podcast and @alibrownofficial podcast on “your ego loves false metrics” Both great listens. #smallisthenewbig

Sending Cards + Paperless Post

Sending cards to clients

Sending cards to clients

I love sending cards to clients, do you?

As a nice "offline" way to say hello and welcome during the new client on-boarding process...

As a nudge of encouragement when they're having tough times...

When they’re celebrating a small or big milestone…

And when we either wrap up or continue our coaching into what's next for them.

To make this a regular habit, I have everything I need to do so at the ready in my desk.

For example, a stack of blank note cards, a personalized return address stamp to add a touch of artful branding, forever mailing stamps, a favorite pen, and little things to stuff in the card for extra special love.

But I don't always have the time to do so.

And sometimes, sending a big batch of cards when a bunch of clients sign up, can be too time consuming.

Enter Paperless Post.

I tried their service (gifted from the company) and I must say it was super simple, elegant and thoughtful to use.

You can upload a list of clients/contacts, or just enter them manually without worrying about formatting.

The recipient can easily write back and say thank you or share a thought. And you can track who opens the “virtual” card you sent.

While I focused on “thinking of you” themed e-cards with a few words of encouragement (I love sending these in the fall when things get crazy), there are other types mailings like invitations.

A few other tips about keeping in touch with clients, in between sessions:

  • Think about sending things on less expected holidays (I like Thanksgiving cards and New Year’s Cards - they stand out from the mass mailings and a great gift, even a simple card and note, is always unexpected)

  • Consider implementing an on-boarding welcome note card - virtually or hand written. Both are very appreciated in my experience.

  • Look at notecards (virtual or hand written!) as low-cost but big impact book ends to your coaching or consulting. Send one when you start, and send one when you complete. Or just one!

Hope this was helpful!

Your First 10 Clients - Doors Now Closed

Photo credit:  Contemplative monk

Photo credit: Contemplative monk

Okay, just wanted you to know, that I've closed the doors to my new Your First 10 Clients Program. 

So, if you click that link I've been sending about the program, it will lead no where. (At least for now.)

I have a strong hunch to pause enrollment to allow everyone to settle in, start making progress and make sure I'm being as helpful as I can. 

I'll let you know when I re-open it, okay?

This is not some weird marketing gimmick.

It's just me, a company of ONE, making sure I'm pacing myself and feeling generous, calm and grounded in the way I work with clients. Very #happylittlepractice style. 

Thanks for reading along with me and I hope the emails were useful, whether this was the right time or not. 

I'll be back in touch in a week or two with my regular #happylittlepractice #smallisthenewbig marketing insights, resources and practical tips. 




PS - I'm still here for you in my signature Happy Little Practice program and Great Little Talks program. Those area always open. Feel free to get in touch if you're ready to get going. 

[Podcast 3] Dealing with Uncertainty

Episode #2 is up! Come bask in our brilliance for 18 min. 🤓 Or just have a laugh. 😬 Topic: having a vision for your coaching business (and life). Listen and subscribe on iTunes or Podbean. Tell your coach friends! #happylittlepractice #happylittlelife #coachlife #coachinglife

Drew and I recorded the next episode of our Happy Little Practice podcast and it's ready for you.

Here's the link on iTunes and on Podbean

This one's all about dealing with uncertainty for those coach for a living.

Things like: 

- How uncertainty shows up for coaches (new and experienced coaches like me and my husband - we're 20+ years in!)

- Why we need to stop fighting or running from uncertainty and what happens when you resist this

- How uncertainty never goes away but what you're uncertain about changes and evolves

- How uncertainty comes with evolving and growing your business, and a few ways to prepare for this

- The ways Drew and I allow uncertainty to exist in business (and life!) AND still show up for our business 

- Simple practices, routines and perspective shifts that can help steady and encourage you in your professional coaching journey, in the Happy Little Practice way.

Here are the links again on iTunes and on Podbean

At the end of the episode, you'll also hear what Drew and I are up to these days, including a one-time "Your First 10 Clients" program that I'm leading in 9 days. Details here. 

Hope this is useful! 

Where do I even begin? On getting started as a coach


You may already know that I work closely with coaches, practitioners and other solo-service pros who offer advice and wise council for a living. 

What you may not know is 80% of my clients already have a business or have worked with 20-40 clients.

The other 20% are what I call new to 1:1 coaching work and want to set things up right from the get-go.

They may have another business that they wish to add coaching to, or they may be transitioning from a career they no longer love into coaching, or they may be fresh out of coaching school. 

In these cases I ask that they have had at least 10 paying clients before we start working together. 

There's a whole bunch of reasons for this, but mostly, I don't want to waste people's m-oney if they're still in the stage of "just trying this coaching thing out." 

Here's the thing... 

Lately I've been receiving a lot of moving emails that say things like:

  • Karin, I want a Happy Little Practice that you teach: something small, simple to run with a family life and yet really profitable, but I can't seem to get to the first 10 clients to qualify to work with you.

  • Karin, I see so many marketing ideas out there that seem too far ahead from where I am now. I just want to start working with real PEOPLE and not spend all my time sifting through Facebook ads and marketing tricks and tips.

  • Karin, I've been trying different things but I just don't think my message is landing with ANYONE. Which one of my ideas is the right one??


These folks are serious about becoming a coach, but they're flying blind or lost in a big coaching school program that has them figuring things out on their own.

These folks are trying things, but they don't have a real plan for getting where they want to go. 

These folks are hurting deeply. They fear that their dream side hustle or new business is slowly fading away before they even get it off the ground.

So I decided to do something about it.

I created a super simple, affordable solution for people who are in this position.

Is that you? (Or someone you know - please feel free to forward!)

Are you ready to get started by not quite ready for my Happy Little Practice and Great Little Talks signature programs?

If so, here's how I can help you do this.

Fair warning: There is nothing fancy or mesmerizing in this letter.

It's simple, informal and straight forward by design.

I have found that folks in this situation do not need more Facebook groups, more inaccessible mentors or more stuff to sift through.

It's designed to get you out of your head and into action with me by your side: a 20 year veteran of the coaching field with a steady 6 figure plus, company of ONE working school hours.

Take a look here.

If you have any questions or need a clarification or concern answered, just shoot me an email.

Or book a time to talk here, okay?

Let's get you to stop quietly suffering over this and start solving the how to create your first 10 PAID clients thing.

You in?

Here are the details again.

Let's do this,


PS - Hey, if you're way beyond this, and you're ready for a systematic way of refocusing and restructuring your message, marketing and how you work in the #happylittlepractice #happylittlelife way, get in touch. I got you covered too.

Re-entry Time

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 3.25.08 AM.png

It's two days before school starts here in upstate New York. 

How are you handling the back-to-school and running your business?

May I suggest a little "re-entry" time?

Re-entry time is basically blocking off a little time during your work hours to refocus. 

You don't need more than one work week to do this.

And you may only need one work day or just an afternoon.

For me, this is when I do my "golden hour" time of marketing.

And then, the rest of the time is dedicated to organizing, getting clear, thinking deeply about the next quarter and allowing myself to catch my breath after a break from the business. 

I like to do this at back-to-school time and in the first week of January. 

It’s so nurturing to me and my business. 

Give it a try before whipping yourself into a new school year, new goal frenzy.

Fair warning, your brain will object and tell you "No! Get to work immediately and start hustling!"

Don't believe the lies. 

This IS your work.  

Scattered thoughts create "all over the place" feelings, which fuel unfocused actions, and ultimately, a big mishmosh of results that aren't that satisfying. 

When you understand the thoughts-feelings-actions cycle and how it impacts your business results, you become more than willing to do this. 

So before you start throwing a bunch of marketing at your business this fall, give yourself a little re-entry time. 

If for some reason this FEELS impossible to do this, and you have to see clients right away, consider getting up nice and early for a week and just give yourself this extra time to reflect, think and plan before everyone gets up. 

Is it easy-peasy to get up early? Not really, but it's doable. 

Is it easy to give yourself this re-entry time in a culture that says be busy at all times?

No, but I didn't get into business for myself to run with the herd. Did you?

Not easy, but worth it. 

Much like having a real business that funds your life, family and future. 

Ready for a coach to help you do this and refocus your message, services and marketing?

I have 3 client openings for September start date.

You in? 

Here's how to get into my schedule to talk about working together. In this conversation, if I feel absolutely confident I can help, I'll map out an exact step for creating what you want in your business with your marketing and mindset. 

Happy Autumn!


[Podcast 2] Vision

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.25.18 PM.png

Do you have a vision for your coaching practice?

What is it really?

And how is it different from a goal?

Do you have the kind of vision that is pushing you from behind or pulling you forward?

How do you ground your vision so it feels real and doable?

Could what you don't want in life and work, be a lead in to what you really want?

And could having a clear vision be the fuel to help you see things through in your business (and life!)?

How do you get out of the rat race of chasing fame and fortune (chasing BIG) with your unique vision?

In this episode of the Happy Little Practice podcast, we talk vision, how to connect to what's at stake for you and creating your future.

Whether you're a new coach, experienced coach or just someone who wants a coach, this short episode.

Listen here:

Little pockets of time creates miracles

How's your end of summer going?

And how's your business?

My family just got back from a week in the Adirondacks with another family. (I highly recommend joint vacations if you have little ones. #sanity)

I'm also deep into what I call a "summer project challenge." (Or "SPC" because acronyms make me feel cool.) 

It's a creative project that I've been putting off for far too long that's related to my business.  

I can't tell you how showing up 45 minutes on most days, Monday - Friday creates such motivation, progress and clarity. 

I've had days where I muddled through...

I've had days where I got up at 5:30am and kicked some proverbial butt...  

And I've only had a few "little fails" where I just didn't show up for myself and my project. 

It gives me such comfort knowing that in comparison, the "little fails" to "showing up" ratio averages out to more showing up than not. 

Yay me! 

I don't know if you know this or not, but this "a little bit everyday" thing is the foundation of how I work with my clients. 

I teach my clients to do their mindset work first thing in the morning, before they sit down to do their work.

And then, to do their marketing in 45-60 minute blocks of time, on most days.

The rest of their work hours is taking care of the business they have. 

It's doable and feels quite radical.

Doable - because it's simple and no matter what happens in your personal life, you can still show up for this. 

Radical - in the sense that marketing and "getting stuff done" is usually glorified by extreme action, sacrifice and muscling through like a Viking Warrior. 

But that doesn't work for moms who work 25 hours a week, earning a full-time salary from their business.

They have the rest of their life they want and need to show up for - their health, family, relationships, love life, etc. 

They can't and won't do extremes. 

So this is a friendly reminder that your marketing and your business projects can happen in little blocks of daily time. 

Think consistency instead of intensity

Fair warning, your mind will tell you "it's not enough"... 

Your brain will throw obstacle thoughts at you like, "you'll never get this done at this pace!"

But the evidence will mount and you'll surprise the heck out of yourself. 

Today, at the end of my 45 minutes of summer project challenge time, I realized, how close I was to completing the first phase of my project. 

I couldn't actually "see" that while I was muddling through amidst feelings of uncertainty, doubt and "I dunno what I'm doing!" 

And yet there it was. 

The evidence showed up ONLY AFTER I showed up consistently in seemingly inconsequential, little 45-minute blocks of time.

So remember, think consistency, not intensity in your business. 

Want help with showing up for your marketing and new vision for your business?

I'm in it with you and would be honored to be your #happylittlepractice coach. 

The Happy Little Practice approach is well suited for those who like to focus on one thing at a time, want a minimalist business with maximum returns, in about 25 hours per week, and have had at least 10-15 paying clients under their belt. 

If you need a refresher on the #happylittlepractice philosophy go grab the on-demand training here. You'll receive the written transcript too in case you prefer to read versus watch. 

Get in touch if you're ready for a coach for your marketing and business mindset.


Cool resources I found this month:

1) The Motivation Myth by Benjamin Hardy - I'm not finished with this book yet but so far, it's all about what I wished I had known and only figured out umpteen years into business. Hint: it's all about that 45-minute daily block of time. 

2) Free "Inbox Zero" course from April & Eric of LearnDoBecome.com - When I find a new teacher, first I stalk them. It's true! (That's why I'm always surprised when an occasional potential client shows up for a call with me totally unprepared.) So I've been doing some friendly and focused stalking of these two. I've been listening to their podcast, taking their free "inbox zero course" that was rather enlightening, reading their blog articles for other samples of their teachings, and I have my eye on their Command Center STEP training. I like their teachings a lot because the premise behind their approach is about organizing your brain to free you up to do what you're here to do.  This matches up very nicely to my approach to coaching my clients (and myself).