Resist the Drift

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Do you ever feel "the drift?"

The drifting into getting flabbier and achier as the years go by; getting more and more comfortable with being comfortable; and finding yourself talking about “getting old”. 

The drifting into not marketing consistently; not making decisions that need to be made in your message; putting things off because of feelings about risk, uncertainty and doubt. 

The drifting into fearful, anxious thinking; into making worrying a thing that you identify with; and just doing what everyone else is doing because it's easier than deciding for yourself.

Resist the Drift.  

It starts in your 30s because you think you have more time. 

However, for me, "the drift" started in my late teens and early 20s. 

As a young person, the way forward in my career was anything but clear and guidance was "just figure it out on your own." 

(And that's when young folks start or intensify their partying as a way of coping. This can easily drift right into their 30s and turn into addiction.) 

Now in my late 40s, "the drift" is even sneakier and shows up in multiple places of my life: my health, my relationships and definitely my business.  

Can you relate?

If you're human, I'd say yes. 

For example, on Monday, my son advanced into a mixed age karate class that includes adults.

His prior karate class was a breezy, 35 minutes. 

Now it's one long-ass hour. 

So I sat there during the first class, on the uncomfortable benches and looked around: Grammies and grampies who are showing up and yet clearly struggling with their health. Some parents: many drop off and come back later, and those in attendance look exhausted and are on their phones, or watching. 

Me too. I'm tired. I want to just check out during that hour. Sounds great! 

Then the image of my dear childhood friend popped into my mind. 

She started running in her 40s, and she's now able to chaperone her kid's cross country team (you gotta run with the team). 

She told me how she decided that she was not going down as a parent who was there but not really “there.” 


I have to be here anyways. What will I choose? The bench with the infirm and exhausted? Or get in it? 

I decided right then only one option would help create "the future me" that's in her 70s and feeling alert, engaged and ready to create something new. 

So, I’m resisting the drift and joined the class on the next day. 

It kinda sucked and was definitely humbling. 

Being IN the Dojo (instead of on the bench) sent my brain reeling with thought errors like: "Go home! You're making a fool of yourself! You are nearly 47! Sit down with the other parents! 'm scared! Wait a minute, these kids hit hard! Gah!!!!"

And it was kinda fun too. Music was played; fun, yet challenging activities were had; the kids were a delight to observe and engage with (so fearless!); my son and I winked at each other often and giggled a knowing smile to each other;  I made new local friends I can now say hello to; and everyone was warm, kind, patient and welcoming. 

This is just what it's like to go for something new in your business

50% Gah!! 

And 50% Awesome!

Keep going. 

It's totally normal. 

Resist the drift in your business and create something so worth living for. 

For sure, it takes effort and brings you face to face with discomfort.

But it's  "discomfort with a purpose" vs the "discomfort from no purpose" (like feeling hung over after a night of over indulging.) 

Might as well choose the discomfort with an upside. 

I'm in it with you. 


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[Client Stories] What some clients are up to (and what they've overcame)

I thought to share a little behind-the-scenes look at how specializing and simplifying your marketing gives you focus and crystal clear action. 

From my Happy Little Practice coaching on your business message, audience and services... 

  • Erin, a veteran coach with over 15 years of coaching leaders, was ready to reinvent her practice. In less than 90 days she pivoted and came out as a Executive Career Reinvention Coach, filled the first round of her beta program, welcome new private clients and is well on her way to adding coaches to work for her. Meet Erin here

  • Wendy, a registered dietitian, has repositioned her nutrition counseling practice into coaching families with challenging (but gifted!) children. Now, she's busy giving her signature talk in the Charlottesville, Virginia area on bringing peace in the home when you've tried everything, with her 5 branches of holistic healing (nutrition being ONE of them). Meet Wendy here

From Great Little Talks coaching...

  • Elizabeth is entering her second summer of giving Great Little Talks to pre-professional dancers as the sole source of client generation. The first summer was quiet and she was doubting whether she'd be able to hit her numbers. She did. And this summer she has about 15 talks lined up. She's surpassed what she used to make in her previous career. 

  • Christina took 6 months to work out the kinks of her Great Little Talks strategy on reaching realtors ready to differentiate themselves in their marketing. Would you have the courage, stamina and heart to not give up? Now she's booking talks all over the New England area and believes #localrocks. She says...

"Each time I give a talk, 1/3 consistently raise their hands to meet with me, and 90% sign up for my email list.  I am poised to double my income this year, and my clients are the best ever, folks willing to do the work. Thank you, Karin, for your training wheels and gumption." Meet Christina Here

Do you see patterns here?

They are all focused on ONE THING. 

THEIR one thing. 

They are doing this. 

It's not perfect. It's not easy-peasy. 

They have challenges.  

Sometimes they have even felt like quitting. (Haven't you, at times? I have!) 

But the one thing they all have in common is they keep showing up.

They just bring their challenges to our coaching calls and we work through it. 

And at some point, they're ready to fly the nest. 

Cool, huh?

I'll be sharing more in my emails and on social about what some of my clients are up to, with their permission of course. 

I think you'll find their focus and bravery encouraging and inspiring. I know I do!

Here's to your own #happylittlepractice,


P.S. Ready to refocus your message, offers and audience? If so, I may be able to help. Click here to watch my signature presentation on the Small Practice, Big Results way of life. And click here if you're ready to schedule a time to talk about if working together makes sense or not. 

Live rich without being rich (secrets to orienting your business around what's most important to you = you win)


There are things that make me feel rich, even though I'm not bringing home a million dollars with my business. 

And there's ONE THING that makes it all happen. 

First, I'll share a little of what makes me feel "lifestyle rich."

See if you can relate to one or more of these, or if it helps you clarify what makes you feel rich in your own unique way. 

- Clear work on, off and in hours

"On" the business is marketing, admin, and things that must be done or I will not have much of a business. 

"In" the business is talking with potential clients or current clients, that's it. 

"Off" is time away from the business when I'm living my offline life and not thinking about work. 

"Batching" like activities in my schedule first sounds limiting, but it's very freeing. 

And this structure and environment makes me feel focused, clear and more free than when I was saying yes to everything, willy nilly style. 

When I honor this I feel so much better, more patient and more consistent and best of all, I don't obsess about my business during off hours. 

- Book end my days with little pockets of "me-time"

I have found that if I give myself these little pockets of me-time, I am less likely to steal personal time from my 25-hour work week. 

Why oh why did it take so long to learn this!?!

None-the-less, not only does this add pleasure and sense of plenty in my life, it's totally free and makes me feel rich in immeasurable ways. 

The start of my day is a hot cup of tea and a favorite spiritual or personal development text. 

The end of my day may be a leisurely dog walk in the grassy fields when kiddos are in the bath, or as simple as 15 min of wind down yoga with a favorite essential oil. 

Two "book ends" that feel soul nourishing and yet systematically dismantles the mombot habit of ignoring my own needs. 

I can't tell you how much this helps me feel like I have and am "enough." 

This "book ending" practice tells my nervous system I am safe, secure and sound in the moment, no matter what's happening in my business, or in the world. 

And that makes me feel rich. 

- Have all clients in start-to-finish programs, and say goodbye to hourly hustle

This ensures that my clients, provided they do the work, have the time, space and attention from me to get results. 

This ensures I have the amount of time and focus I need from them to get real results. 

And this also ensures we aren't always re-establishing the value of my work, through hourly payments. The nature of coaching has clients feeling elated to challenged and back again, so I need the type of clients who can stick with it. 

This mutual peace of mind around the pace, scope and investment of our work, to me, feels sane and sustainable. 

And what's sane and sustainable helps me relax, think deeply and show up in a way that I can maintain. 

What makes all of this possible?

The ONE THING focus. 

Here's how it plays out... 

Routines: Add ONE routine at a time into your work life to help you become consistent and peaceful in your day-to-day business. 

Message: Focus on ONE problem you can confidently solve, so you stand a chance at getting known for something instead of a jack-of-all-trades (exhausting). 

Audience: Focus on ONE specific group of people you can help the most, that wants this problem urgently solved. This helps you stop trying to be all things to all people. 

Offer: Create ONE signature offer, perhaps with a few tiers if needed, that gets you out of the hourly hustle. This allows you to serve your clients more deeply and stops the running around. 

Marketing: Get good at ONE marketing strategy, and get one thing to work, before you add another. This pulls you out of the chasing one marketing strategy after another, and instead helps you work more deeply on one. 

Keep in Touch: Elevate your communication to be on message, show that you care and that you're ready to help by staying in touch with your chosen audience. 

The message, audience and offer part can be tweaked and solved rather swiftly in your business.

The routines, marketing and keep-in-touch, require some "on-the-job" training and compound effect to take root in your business. 

That's it. 

It's doable. 

It's not easy-peasy. 

But so what, it's totally worth it.

With the right support and a bit of patience and grit, you can do it. 

Here's to feeling rich in the ways that matter to you with your #happylittlepractice,


PS - Get in touch if you're ready to tweak your message, offers and audience. Apply here and let's see if we're the right fit. 

Slow and Steady Hustle

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

This... because a slow and steady hustle allows for business development AND life’s twists and turns.

Fast and furious is fine for a short term, but long term crushes you.

Slow and steady baby! Less sexy sounding for sure, but has long term sexy results.

Kinda like a marriage.

Put in a little work most days and you’ll stay together. Make grand gestures now and again and it looks sexy but not really sustainable and is exhausting to maintain. #boutiquebusiness #smallisthenewbig

It's less about doing more, and more about focus

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 9.45.03 AM.png

A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

To win and thrive in coaching, especially in a world that shouts: do more, be more, have more, get more, do everything (and we wonder why we think we should be all things to all people, and end up doing a bit of everything), it’s far less about out doing and out working others, but focusing more. This can be a relief until your realize focusing more is less physical effort but requires a whole lotta courage. Mostly because we all have more experience trying to do it all, then not. That’s okay, one step at a time baby!

 #smallisthenewbig #boutiquebusiness #sanityinbusiness

Your need a mom team

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way”

You need a a team. Sure, that may mean a virtual assistant in business and outsourcing some tasks to key pros, but you also need offline team of moms who love their kids and love to work too. No joke. It will be a sanity maker.

And the best advice I received around #mompreneur life was to remember you don’t need to have everything in common with the moms, but just something, even your kids and the fact that they are in it with you with around work and family. (My stay at home mom friends are the Bomb diggity too!)

Why a mom team? Because this special breed of moms, who have a career they like and a family life too, help you dismantle the all or nothing mindset. It’s not all business all the time, and it’s not all kiddos all the time. There’s no right way to do it but a balance it must be. That means sometimes I say no to kid stuff and sometimes I say no to biz stuff. This in-between place, less all yin or all yang, of leading life and work is where the magic happens for YOU. Get thee a mom squad. [thanks to @ashz131 for my awesome mug! #ptomom#smallisthenewbig#boutiquebusiness #happylittlelife

A family life and part-tome hours is an asset

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

My biz got better, more focused and I finally started zigging where others were zagging after the birth of my kiddos. Because I had to. I had less time, less energy and no wiggle room to goof off. And having kids crushed my ego. Squashed. Done. It is over. ☺️

With my ego in check I could begin creating what I really wanted, instead of what I thought I wanted. That’s what a 25 hour work week does. Forces you to focus and do what’s essential, instead of what looks good, sounds good and doesn’t get results. At least if you have to bring home the bacon. 👍

People think having a family life holds you back. No, you just have zero Time for BS. BS in the type of clients you take on (#happylittlepractice was born out of my frustrations in the coaching field, and with coaches seeking fame, fortune but won’t market, and having to carve out a niche - once again!- after an explosion of marketing offers to coach), in my marketing, and more. This low tolerance for BS (in myself included! Ha!) feels downright refreshing, in a way.

Having a family life and biz is a profound clarifier, if you let it. #smallisthenewbig #goforhappy #keepitreal

You got into business to live on your own terms

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

2 years ago I said enough suffering quietly behind the scenes. Now I use the first week of January, after kids go back to school, to straighten my stuff out. My head game, my desk, my schedule, my sanity.

My clients, mostly moms, need this too.

Some of my clients’ kids don’t go back to school until the 7th! What the what!?! 😜 Breathe, enjoy and stay cool my friends. Remember you got into this to live life on your own terms, including your work sched. A few more days to organize yourself then game on.

You are in this for the long game my friend. I’m almost 20 years in and I’ve got at least another 20-30 more! So sure and steady progress it is... it beats fast and furious any day.

PS - Contrary to all the new year stuff, it doesn’t have to happen NOW. 

#happylittlepractice #happylittlelife#smallisthenewbig

Chunking down your message


Here's a little behind-the-scenes from one of the recent calls with a potential client: 

Me (asking a potential client): What ideas do you have for refocusing your coaching work?

Her (a health pro): I want to help moms not feel so stressed around their health with natural solutions. 

Me: Let's chunk this down. And here's why...  

"Stressed out" tends to be too vague, unfortunately. 

It tends to land in "would be nice to solve someday-maybe" category. 

It can make your work sound totally optional, instead of absolutely necessary to engage in. 

Let's chunk down "stressed out" into specific stressful situations these women are in now. 

Her: Well, I think the stress of being in her mid to late 40s

Me: What's going on in her mid to late 40s?

Her: Hormones, creeping weight gain, sleep issues, cognition decline from years of self neglect

Me: Let's keep chunking it down. These are all great choices that, individually, you could focus on.  Which one of these can you imagine spending all day talking about? 

Her: I think hormones. If I work on their hormones, then their weight, sleep and brain functioning will get handled too. 

Me: Okay, good. Let's slow down and just be with that for a minute. What does specializing in hormones feel like to you?

Her: Exciting.

Me: Okay, good. Let's keep going then.

Now let's chunk it down even more.

What kind of woman do you want to help with their hormones?

Her: Stay at home moms, perhaps?

Me: How about we chunk that down even more? 

Here's a little bit of buying psychology I picked up in 19 years of coaching and studying and applying marketing wisdom. 

Women tend to invest FOR OTHERS. 

For example, they will invest on solving problems for their kids, family, their business, but not really themselves. 

Unless they're over 55, and they're finally done with their care-taking obligations and feel "guilt free" about investing in themselves. 

We women have been conditioned to put ourselves last and it shows up in our buying decisions.

Stay at home moms, is a tough category to offer services to beyond low priced options, in my opinion.

Unless, your message is about their kids, home, business or they're affluent enough to be investing in their physical appearance, mental health, etc... 

So, if you're not going for women over 55, or a message geared towards taking care of something other than herself, let's pick a woman with a specific vocation that has a BIG reason for handling her hormones NOW. =

  • For example, women working in technology because you used to work in tech and understand that high-pressure background and how their personal performance is on the line. 

  • For example, women with a business and a family because you know what it's like to have to be ON before work with the kiddos, and ON during work and ON after work. These women have no time to be sick. 

  • For example, women in teaching who are struggling with depletion that is making them doubt they can get to retirement. 

It has to be that specific. 

Her: I could totally relate to the women with a business and a family life. That's me. 

Me: Okay good! Now we can go look at your program and fix that program to speak to THIS woman and her specific HORMONE challenges, and how it's IMPACTING what's important to her. 

In fact, since she's a woman with a business AND a family, you might want to think about how can you talk about hormones in a way that this woman sees this as an essential bottom line business expense and investment in her family... the two things she cares most about, right?

Her: Got it. So I've gone from "I want to help women not feel so stressed" to "I help women who have a family and a business, who want to handle their hormone issues naturally and avoid anti-depressants, hormone therapy and extended birth control as the only option to feeling better" (a recap from our extended conversation) 

Me: Yes, and now you can make your program and your marketing speak to her and only her.  

Her: Yes!

Chunking down your message is usually the first step to help my clients streamline and simplify their services and their marketing. 

It doesn't have to take long. 

Putting it all together after we honed in on the message is the PHASE 1 work of my coaching. 

10 Weeks is all I need to restructure your coaching business or private practice. 

From your message, who you work with, how you work with clients, how you charge and receive payment, to how people book their first appointment and more. 

Then you can get back out there and take your marketing plan on the road and start monetizing your message and do the work you're meant to do. (That's PHASE 2)

Want help with this?

You must be ready to get started, make decisions and want to specialize your practice. 

You must have a history of being able to focus from either a current or prior career or have client experience ready to leverage. 

Here's where you can go apply. 

Here's to your version of a #happylittlepractice, 


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#happylittlepractice where moms in coaching restructure their business to do what's it's supposed to do: make their clients happy, make them happy AND make their family happy too... in about 25 hours per week. 

P.S. By the way, I covered this in detail in Shift #3 of my Small Practice, Big Results Webinar: "From Multiple Generic Offers to One Signature Offer".

Are you a technician or expert?


This weekend I decided to get some new clothing. 

I live in the country and if I'm not shopping online, I really don't shop. 

So thought to try out "Stitch Fix"; a service that sends you outfits and you keep only what you like. 

Anyways, in Stitch Fix, I was prompted to create a "style profile" and there is one section for career. 

I was struck by one of the choices:

"Health Practitioner / Technician”

I thought it was just something my clients and I talked about, but there you have it. 

Even Stitch Fix sees health pros as "technicians."

Listen,"technician" is not how you want to position your coaching business or private practice

Nearly all of my clients, at first, are in the "technician" category before we refocus them into a qualified expert with a speciality coaching business. 

Now by a speciality business, I don't mean repositioning clients to only work with an exclusive clientele, offer exclusive pricing or lead with perfect hair and make up marketing. 

You certainly don't need to be the most "expensive" option to move out of "technician" positioning. 

However, if you want to go beyond technician-level messaging, pricing and service offerings, here are a few important distinctions to consider:

A technician offers hourly sessions.  An expert offers an experience that will solve a specific problem. 

A technician charges by the hour. An expert charges for a complete start-to-finish solution and is paid-in-full, or by convenient payment plan.

A technician's income is limited by the hours in her day and the whims of her client base. An expert's income is based on a mutually agreed upon, client engagement and is not impacted by human whims and "life stuff" like cancellations, rescheduling or disappearing acts. 

A technician emphasizes her certifications and trainings as the main selling point. The expert emphasizes the relationship with her clients and the problem her ideal clients are determined to solve, and backs it up with her expertise. 

A technician takes all kinds of clients. An expert makes bold choices in who she works best with, so that she can feel confident about delivering a high quality experience.

A technician talks about her process. An expert talks about the before and after picture of her client's transformation. 

A technician works for others: her clients, an organization, etc. An expert controls the terms of her work, be it in-house (as a consultant), or for an individual (as a coach/counselor/advisor/specialist).

A technician is often a generalist. An expert specializes in one message, one audience and one offer and gives up the trying to be all things to all people. 

A technician reacts to what comes her way. An expert choses her response to the marketplace and leads her practice and her clients. 

We have ALL been trained to be a good technician.

To "hold the space" and see what the client wants and needs. 

But that doesn't work in the real world, unless you're working for someone else. 

Your clients, the economy and your sanity in business is calling for your leadership.

Not perfect leadership, but "perfect as you go" leadership. 

Aiming for perfect keeps you in your head. 

As Tony Robbins once said: Stay in your head, you're dead. 

Perfecting as you go has you taking action, trying things, seeing what works, what doesn't and adjusting. 

Here's to leading your practice into the future you wish to create, 


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