Integrating Everything You Do Under ONE Message

How to Integrate What You Do Under ONE Message

How to Integrate What You Do Under ONE Message

One thing that can stop you from focusing your message is that it
feels like you have to leave most of what you do behind and just
choose ONE thing.

For example, it's typical for a coach to say she's into essential
oils, nutrition, mindset, meditation and so much more.

Or for a practitioner, to have several modalities like energy healing,
spiritual counseling, channeling and more.

When you have multiple interests and training in your practice, it's
common to find yourself promoting a bunch of different things, each
one with a different focus.

One day you're hosting a cooking class.

Another you're promoting a cleanse.

The next time you're doing a food and mood program.

And then your audience doesn't ever really know what it is you do.

This isn't good for referrals, marketing effectiveness or your own

So naturally, when I say you have to pick ONE message in your work,
you might feel a whole lot of resistance.

This resistance is so rampant, I'd say at least 80% of coaches and
practitioners will not succeed because they don't want to focus in
this way.

However, if you're one of the 20% who is willing to focus, here's a
way to think about this differently that will help melt this

Integrate, don't eliminate.

You don't have to eliminate all the different things you do.

You can integrate them under one problem that you solve (your ONE
message), and into one amazing program (the solution to that

For example, one of my clients came to me as a holistic health coach.

She not only has a grasp of foods that heal the body, she also is a
make-up artist, an esthetician with over 15 years in the spa
industry, she also LOVES to organize stuff too (she thought about
becoming a professional organizer), she LOVES to cook (here come the
cooking classes and recipes), and more.

No wonder she wasn't sure how to put all these things together! They
are ALL so interesting and engaging to her.

Here's how we integrated everything under one message (and eliminated

After some coaching, I found out that she had spent years care-taking
an aging parent.

And like many women, who give and give and give, it takes a big
change before they realize they need to care for themselves.

So when her parent passed away, it was a wake up call.

She was a bit surprised to realize her health had declined, she felt
older than her years, and she almost didn't even know who she was
after focusing so intently on someone else. (Moms, we can relate,

When I coached her a bit more, I discovered she regularly came into
contact with women just like her, who because of some wake up call in
their life - a divorce, death in the family, empty nest - found
themselves facing that dreaded "OMG! I look like my mother!" moment
after years of ignoring their own needs and self-care.

So we created a message and a program that integrates all of her
skills and solves that "now what!?" problem that many women face
after a big transition in their life.

Now she has become a rebirth your beautiful life coach for women in
their 50s and 60s (who happen to come in droves to the very spa she
works at).

In her beauty rejuvenation program she'll help these ladies update
their hair and make-up, reorganize parts of their home to feel more
at ease and in control after so much external focus, show them how to
eat for the next phase of their life, coach them on their purpose
and... you see where I'm going, right?

She'll get to do all the things she loves to do, but under ONE clear
message for ONE very specific group of people.

Now she's no longer feeling unclear about what she does, for whom and
what she offers them.

Imagine having that level of clarity and what it could do for your
confidence and marketing.

You can do this too.

Integrate, don't eliminate.

Would you like help focusing your message, choosing your ideal
audience and restructuring your services into a boutique business?

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