Is Marketing Really About Courage?

is marketing really About courage? by karin rozell of 

is marketing really About courage? by karin rozell of 

Last Tuesday I essentially gave a way the first
lesson of my coaching program, How to Fill Your
Practice by Giving Great Little Local Talks.

You can watch the replay here.

As I waited for the webinar to start, I chatted
with the program director of continuing education
for the school that brought me in to talk to their

She was curious as to why I thought most coaches
and practitioners don't invest in figuring out
their marketing.

Here's my very "let's get real" response...

Listen, all of us, including myself, that work
with others in such a deep, transformational way,
rarely get into this field because we love
business. We just love what we do!

But eventually there are skills sets that we have
to learn, skills that stretch us and can feel a
bit confronting, at least if you want to go beyond
30-40K in your business.

Things like creating healthy boundaries,
recreating your relationship to money, learning
how to communicate what you do so others see the
value of it, and yes, all the marketing stuff.

And that's where most people stop.

And that's when going back to school for another
degree starts to look good, or starting a newer,
seemingly easier marketing strategy looks really
good, or employment starts to look good, or
praying for clients feels like a good enough
strategy (after all, it works sometimes, doesn't
it?), or just kind of settling and thinking "well,
if I don't earn more, that could be okay" and
getting by no longer feels like settling and more
of a choice.

I get it, it's not easy.

At times it can feel like personal growth on
steroids. For me too!

That said, we as coaches, holistic consultants and
practitioners are actually built, trained and more
capable to deal with the inner game stuff than

We have inner tools, wellness tools, friends and
colleagues with life transformational tools, even
basic nutrition tools can help with focus, courage
and stamina.

We have to leverage these tools to help us rise in
order to make our greatest contribution.

And she said something that hit the nail on the

"It seems to me Karin, that all of this is about

And that's it.

More than anything, even more than focusing your
message, services and audience, or the perfect
website or the perfect thing to say, is
cultivating courage in the face of the habit of
second guessing, doubting and fear.

I will be the first to admit I do not rely on
myself to do this.

I don't have an office full of "going for it
mates" to bounce things off of, so I invest in a
coach or training pretty regularly.

I even design my entire environment to pull me
forward when marketing, money and client stuff is
challenging me. Which is pretty regularly!

I use flower essences to help with the emotional
stuff; I listen to healing music when I work to
help with focusing my distractible mind; I
meditate to help tame my emotional reactions; I
sit in nature for grounding and restoration of my
entrepreneurial spirit; I make sure to eat what
works for my body (or else I seem to fall apart
rather quickly); I drink herbal infusions that
literally give me stamina, focus and courage (yes!
herbs can do that!); and I'm always working to
make sure I sleep well or everything else is for
naught. Truly.

Hey, maybe it's because I'm 45 and I'm entering

But I know that's not really true.

I had to do this stuff when I started my practice
nearly 17 years ago.

And I still do this.

Just the other day, I saw how my dear first
mentor, someone who now has a multi-million dollar
empire, share a quick video about what she does
when she feels herself slide into doubt.

I was struck that she still uses note cards to
remind herself of the mindset and vision she is
working towards.

Just like me and my clients do, who may not
necessarily need or want to create an empire, but
must earn a good living or they're going to have
to pack it in.

Now if someone like me and someone like her work
pretty darn hard at our inner game around our
marketing, and money and fears, it's safe to say
you will too.

So if you absolutely have to make your practice
work and go beyond 30-40K, or else you have to get
a job...

If you like the idea of giving little, local talks
and eventually leveraging it to national

If you give occasional talks, class series,
workshops, but you haven't figured out how to make
this a real, reliable source of private clients...

If you want help with breaking free of your
marketing inertia and simplify and declutter your
marketing tasks...

If you want coaching and support on the inner game
stuff that holds all of this together...

I can help.

I can absolutely help.

I'm not in the game of convincing people to do

You're either in the crowd of "I'm going pro and
I'm going to figure this out" or not.

Yes, I'm a big fan of Doing It Yourself.

But you definitely don't have to do it By Your

I've reopened my GreatLittleTalks program for a
maximum of 8 more people.

There's a $300 savings that lasts through the

At a bare minimum, it takes only one client to see
a return on your investment.

Come learn more at

I'd love to be your marketing coach and inner game

Imagine wrapping up 2017 with focus in your
marketing and a regular practice of cultivating of

Imagine attending Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday
festivities and finally feeling good about having
a plan in your marketing and working your plan
with me by your side.

Here's to ending the year feeling focused and


PS - Not ready to work on giving great little
talks but definitely could use help on
restructuring your message, services and audience?
Then please don't hesitate to apply for a free
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