When marketing feels anything but fun, fast and easy


A quick scroll through your Facebook feed and the ads seem to promise you fun, fast and easy
marketing results.

And yet, it doesn't really feel like that every day, does it?

At least not for me and the people I know.

This is something I talk to clients quite a lot about.

When you take yourself and your practice seriously, and begin marketing consistently, you're going to feel something like this...

50% of the time you will feel like:

"I can't believe I'm being paid to be myself and share what I know! Amazing!"

And the other 50% or so of the time, you'll feel like this:

"I don't think this is working! I don't know what I'm doing! Ahhh!"

I created a 3 minute "driveway" video (the bottom of my driveway being the bus stop) about how this shows up and what to do about it here

What you definitely don't want to do is...

a) stop your marketing and take a long reflective break that results in a starting and stopping pattern in your business

b) change your mind and try a new marketing strategy or change your message

c) think something is wrong with you

Instead you want to expect that more or less, you'll find some things challenging.

That's totally normal.

Think about it...

You are learning brand new things...

And practicing what you're learning IN PUBLIC...

And, learning and growing is naturally uncomfortable. Not everyday, but sometimes.

So I want you to welcome the discomfort.

Plan for it.

Lean into it.

Don't turn away from it by stopping what you're doing, changing your mind or fantasizing about an easier gig.

Because running your own show is so dang worth it.

So keep going.

Here's how I do this.

Most every single day, I sit down and tidy up my mind.

Just like I tidy up my home after the chaos of getting kids out the door, and before I sit down to work.

I sit with the thoughts that I feel "are happening to me."

The ones that make me feel like I'm quietly suffering in some way.

And then once I understand them and see if they're serving me or not, then I spend a few more minutes deciding what I'll think for the day.

Just for today.

And then I repeat this nearly each day.

Game changer.

I don't wait until I'm stuck.

I don't wait until I'm deep in the muck of self-doubt or second guessing. (I used to!)

I get in there, and see what's doing before it messes with me and my ability to support my family in a powerful way.

The best resource I can recommend for this is Brooke Castillo's Self-Coaching 101 book and her
free podcast too.

Both are fantastic.

Maybe you'll find it useful too, like many of my clients.

And if it's not a match, look at your own expertise or healing work that you do with clients.

Is there something that you do, that helps them with their mindset, that you can use in your own business?

One of my clients, a therapist and sports psychology coach for dressage riders, uses the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with her clients to help them break free of beliefs that hold them back.

So she started using EFT as her own mental warm up before she sits down at her desk to work.

She says it clears her mind and energizes her for the day and allows her to get her marketing DONE.

I hope this inner game tip is useful to you.

The mindset stuff is the ONE thing that seems to mess with my client's ability to market consistently, beyond making sure their business structure is simplified.

If you want help with this, I've got an entire step-by-step process for updating and simplifying
the structure of your business so that it's consistently doable (your message, audience, services and marketing) and how to navigate the inner stuff that naturally comes up.

Simple, but not easy-peasy.

Simple, but doable.

And doable you can do, right?

Get in touch here if you're ready for a marketing and mindset coach and let's see if I can help.


P.S. Have you watched my free training on how the Happy Little Practice Method works to simplify everything in your business yet? It was created out of necessity for people like me: working moms who have a full family life and yearn for a simple way to make a serious dent in the family bills, while doing meaningful, impactful work on less than full-time hours.