A little success story that's full of real life

Here's what a dear client shared with me recently.

I want to share it with you, because it's so full of "the stuff of life."

The mom stuff, marriage, self-care, money, time, feeling like you make enough of an impact and more.

You know, all the "stuff" that comes up when you dare to create for a living.

My client Elizabeth started doing my Great Little Talks approach to filling her practice in October of 2017.

She wrote the following last month, nearly a year to the day she began.

I want you to know, she doesn't do anything fancy.

She focuses on giving Great Little Talks most every month, and sending a newsletter twice per month and that's about it.

It's more than enough for most coaches and practitioners who like to teach.

And this is what she had to say...

"I want to start my day by reflecting on what I have created in this Happy Little Biz of mine in the past year:

1. I am in complete control of my schedule, which means...

  • I took four full days off for Thanksgiving (and still got paid!)

  • I get to leave the office when my work is done, go home/grocery shop, and prep dinner before anyone comes home. This gives me a sense of calm and preparedness that I would not have otherwise.

  • If my daughter is sick, I can stay home with her without having to explain that choice to anyone for any reason. My clients, of course, are *amazing* about my occasional need to reschedule. They totally get it.

  • I can say "no" to trips for work if I know it'll be too disruptive to our family life. Better yet, I can say, "Sure, how about next month?"

2. I'm doing work I believe in and love.

  • It feels important to me

  • It's helping other people's lives.

  • This gives me such a sense of well-being and contentment.

3. I'm earning more money now than I did in any of my past jobs.

  • I am starting to take on more financial responsibility in my marriage, which is making a big difference for my husband and, consequently, our marriage.

  • It feels like the seesaw is finally starting to balance itself out.

4. I am not overwhelmed or overtired.

  • My mom friends with full-time jobs are really hurting. They are stretched thin and exhausted. I am neither.

  • I have a lot to do, but since I am in control, I can slow it down or speed it up as fits my needs.

  • I am learning that this is a *huge* advantage to being a solo-preneur.

5. I can take vacation! And still get paid!

  • I'm taking a full 10 days for the upcoming winter holidays. I know I need that time to unplug (literally) and to fill my cup with family, friends, and high quality time with my daughter.

  • It makes working really hard over the next 4 weeks So Worth It.

6. No one can fire me.

  • I got fired from my last traditional job and it really flattened me.

  • I have changed a lot since then and one of the most important things I've learned is that I am happiest being my own boss.

  • And I'm getting skilled at giving myself a good talking to that actually works. Haha!

This is why I do what I do.

When I see a client experience peace and plenty on her terms, that is what makes me happy.

Her marriage gets better, her income improves, her self-care deepens, because she's finally meeting her own needs.

It's beautiful.

It's not easy-peasy, but that's normal when you go for something that feels big to you.

And for sure, it's taken some trial and error, courage and managing her mindset again and again, but overall, what she does is simple.

If you want to know what Elizabeth did, just check out this website GreatLittleTalks.com.

Before she did Great Little Talks, she worked with me to swiftly iron out her message, her audience and her services so that she was no longer offering small packages of sessions and trying to be all things to everyone.

If you want help with your small practice, be it adding coaching to an existing business or up-leveling how you're working with clients, please get in touch and let's see if I can help.

You can apply for a time to talk here.

That shared, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I'm sending you lots of courage and focus to see your vision all the way through.

Here's to your own #happylittlepractice,



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