Elevate Your Mental Game in Business

From @drmariza book “smart moms guide to essential oils”

Elevate your mental game in business with a simple, pleasurable, essential oil practice.

Therapeutic grade essential oils have been a life saver in my business and have pulled me back from the edge more than once by simply integrating them into my everyday routines.

In coaching, there's a saying: Routines truly determine our results.

As a start up, it's all about CREATING routines (what to do, how to do it, when to do it, from your marketing, how you use your time, admin time, creative time, client time, etc).

For successful women in business, it's about ELEVATING your routines to prevent and get out of burn out, and refuel your creative juices to help you continue to rise up.

The problem with "routines" is that we tend to view them from an overly masculine lens. They get tight, rigid and make us cranky. Not fun, and definitely not sustainable.

That's why each month, I host a free community call uniquely designed for women like me, who also have a business, a family and lots to get done.

The first half of each 60 minute call, I share specific ways you can use your essential oils to create a strong mental-game, feel calm in your body and cultivate the courage to do big things without burning yourself out.

The second half of the call, I offer free business coaching on integrating essential oils into your existing business in a natural, on-message way, should you desire that. (Totally optional!)

Stay on for both, or join us for just one part of the call. Up to you!

The rest of the month we share what's working and how we're using the oils in a small, but mighty, private Facebook group on to nurture your mind, body and spirit as women in business.

This group is part women with a business and part my personal friends and family.

And you're invited.

To participate in this FREE monthly community call, all you have to do is purchase a little starter kit of oils from yours truly. (You do not have to buy any more oils! They last quite awhile.)

I recommend a few here: https://www.karinrozell.com/essentials

PLEASE NOTE: If you're on a tight budget, don't let it hold you back.

If you can only get ONE OIL... Get yourself ONE little, but powerful bottle of essential oil and get started and you can join me too. I recommend the "balance" blend for when you're navigating intense times or "wild orange" to bring energy and focus to your workday.

If you can only get THREE OILS, I recommend wild orange, lavender and peppermint. (I'll show you how to use them on our community calls and in our private group.)

And you can go to the following link to order your starter kit (select "become a member" and then select "wholesale customer"), or just click on "shop" if you want just one bottle or three.


Once you place your first essential oil order, please email me (Karin@KarinRozell.com) and I'll add you to our private Facebook community and you'll have immediate access to the next community call.

Let's elevate your mind and everyday business routines with essential oils.

It will be one of the nicest and most effective things you've ever done for yourself.


Karin Rozell

Author, Coach and Creator of the Happy Little Practice Method for Moms in Coaching


P.S. I'm not exactly an essential oil expert, but I am expert in transforming mindset challenges for women who are making big changes in their life, especially in their income, messaging and marketing. So come on! Come learn with me. You can learn more about why I've integrated essential oils into my work day and personal life, in the following link: