The Radical Subversiveness of Enough


There is the camp of coaches/practitioners barely getting by and firmly ensconced in that camp. They don’t invest in business education other than a few hundred here and there, and never go all the way in. Another group always investing heavily and struggling to get things they invest in to pay off, mostly because they haven’t mastered the basics, too busy chasing the big time.

The #happylittlepractice folks bypass all of this. We do this by knowing how much is our enough.

And by enough I mean a deep sense of peace and plenty.

And it different for everyone and everyone gets to decide what that enough is. And it evolves and adapts to your life. It’s like choosing an internal metric for your business vs what everyone else is saying should be your metric. It’s very subversive in a culture that believes only bigness is relevance. An old belief that hails from the industrial revolution.

Freedom and true wealth comes from choosing your enough. Because there is more to life than work.

Inspired by @pauljarvis “company of 1” podcast and @alibrownofficial podcast on “your ego loves false metrics” Both great listens. #smallisthenewbig