Your need a mom team

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way”

You need a a team. Sure, that may mean a virtual assistant in business and outsourcing some tasks to key pros, but you also need offline team of moms who love their kids and love to work too. No joke. It will be a sanity maker.

And the best advice I received around #mompreneur life was to remember you don’t need to have everything in common with the moms, but just something, even your kids and the fact that they are in it with you with around work and family. (My stay at home mom friends are the Bomb diggity too!)

Why a mom team? Because this special breed of moms, who have a career they like and a family life too, help you dismantle the all or nothing mindset. It’s not all business all the time, and it’s not all kiddos all the time. There’s no right way to do it but a balance it must be. That means sometimes I say no to kid stuff and sometimes I say no to biz stuff. This in-between place, less all yin or all yang, of leading life and work is where the magic happens for YOU. Get thee a mom squad. [thanks to @ashz131 for my awesome mug! #ptomom#smallisthenewbig#boutiquebusiness #happylittlelife