A family life and part-tome hours is an asset

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

My biz got better, more focused and I finally started zigging where others were zagging after the birth of my kiddos. Because I had to. I had less time, less energy and no wiggle room to goof off. And having kids crushed my ego. Squashed. Done. It is over. ☺️

With my ego in check I could begin creating what I really wanted, instead of what I thought I wanted. That’s what a 25 hour work week does. Forces you to focus and do what’s essential, instead of what looks good, sounds good and doesn’t get results. At least if you have to bring home the bacon. 👍

People think having a family life holds you back. No, you just have zero Time for BS. BS in the type of clients you take on (#happylittlepractice was born out of my frustrations in the coaching field, and with coaches seeking fame, fortune but won’t market, and having to carve out a niche - once again!- after an explosion of marketing offers to coach), in my marketing, and more. This low tolerance for BS (in myself included! Ha!) feels downright refreshing, in a way.

Having a family life and biz is a profound clarifier, if you let it. #smallisthenewbig #goforhappy #keepitreal