Routines for Peace and Profit in Coaching


Let's elevate your routines and results in professional coaching.

When you're just getting started in coaching or consulting, it's all about figuring out WHAT routines to implement in your work day.

When you're doing well in your coaching business, it's all about ELEVATING your routines to reignite your fire and prevent burn out.

I've got you covered on both fronts!

But I'll admit, "routines" do have a bad rap.

In my opinion, it's because we do them in an overly masculine way that leaves us feeling tight, cranky and anxious. And that's like putting yourself on a task diet. No thanks!

There's a better way...

Introducing a more balanced, feminine way that helps you GET IT DONE and leaves you feeling like a WOMAN at the end of the day.

Want in?

Join me for this free virtual class series about your coaching business routines and how I use therapeutic quality essential oils to bring it all home and make them stick.

All class times are for Fridays, at Noon Eastern.

CLASS 1 - March 22 - Elevate Your Everyday Work Schedule for Focus, Consistency and Calm

This is all about how I "open the shop", "run the shop" and "close the shop" on a typical work day, doing my marketing and coaching clients from my home office, as a "company of one." From what to do before you start your day, how I create new business in about 1 hour a day of marketing, how to reset your focus when you lose it, how to transition to mom life (I stop working at 3pm) and finally shift into spouse/personal time. I'll cover 5, super simple routines and how I use the essential oils to make them feel pleasurable, focused and yet very effective.

CLASS 2 - April 5 - Elevate Your Mental Game to Handle Business Challenges and Negative Self Talk

What I'll share with you in this class has quite literally saved my business more than once. I have two routines that take about 15 minutes to ensure you don't get stuck in your head about your marketing, your focus and the next right actions for you and your business. Bring a journal and paper to this one too!

CLASS 3 - May 3 - Elevate Your Sleep to Think Better, Feel Smarter and Do Better

Sleep is a KEYSTONE habit, especially for moms in coaching. If this one falls apart, I bet your brain gets foggy and everything in business starts to feel HARD. That said, it's not so easy to "turn off" the buzzing in your brain at night when you create for a living. Especially if you're daring to do something new! So I'll share my "power down" routine and essential oil practice to sleep deeply and train my brain to calm down. This is like bio-hacking your business.

CLASS 4 - June 7 - Elevate Your Moon Time to Double Your Courage and Energy to Do Big Things

Yes, I know, I'm going there. There is a way to manage your time to work WITH the energy currents you have going on and not against it. I SWEAR just doing this super simple routine during PMS and during my moon time, along with just ONE essential oil blend, helped to eliminate perimenopause symptoms, reduce mood swings and doubled my energy without doing much else. Seriously. I didn't change my diet or my exercise (which was nil at the time) and just this alone started to turn things around.

Now of course, I can't promise this will happen to you too. I'll give you the routines and frameworks, you'll have to apply them.

And I'll be referencing and can only vouch for doTERRA essential oils and their proven efficacy but please feel free to use whatever brand of oils you like.

If you don't have any essential oils, you can get some here:

I'll be sharing what specific oils I use with each class and it's respective routine.

And I promise, everything I will share will be simple and makes a big difference if you have to rely on yourself to get it done, day in and day out.

Whether you're an experienced coach and ready to level up your business, or you're a new coach or getting back into coaching after a break; or you just ready to spring clean your daily routines to help pull yourself forward, and increase the peace and profit in your personal economy, I've got you covered.

Join this event series and I'll keep you posted for the private Facebook Lives and option to call-in via a convenient tele-conference line, if you prefer listening on-the-go.

Two ways to join me at class time:
1) You may feel free to join me for a Facebook live on my page here:

2) You may call into my tele-conference line from a quiet location:
Dial: (712) 775-7035
Enter PIN # when prompted: 199232

Links to replays will be posted in the discussion tab of the Facebook event.