Chunking down your message


Here's a little behind-the-scenes from one of the recent calls with a potential client: 

Me (asking a potential client): What ideas do you have for refocusing your coaching work?

Her (a health pro): I want to help moms not feel so stressed around their health with natural solutions. 

Me: Let's chunk this down. And here's why...  

"Stressed out" tends to be too vague, unfortunately. 

It tends to land in "would be nice to solve someday-maybe" category. 

It can make your work sound totally optional, instead of absolutely necessary to engage in. 

Let's chunk down "stressed out" into specific stressful situations these women are in now. 

Her: Well, I think the stress of being in her mid to late 40s

Me: What's going on in her mid to late 40s?

Her: Hormones, creeping weight gain, sleep issues, cognition decline from years of self neglect

Me: Let's keep chunking it down. These are all great choices that, individually, you could focus on.  Which one of these can you imagine spending all day talking about? 

Her: I think hormones. If I work on their hormones, then their weight, sleep and brain functioning will get handled too. 

Me: Okay, good. Let's slow down and just be with that for a minute. What does specializing in hormones feel like to you?

Her: Exciting.

Me: Okay, good. Let's keep going then.

Now let's chunk it down even more.

What kind of woman do you want to help with their hormones?

Her: Stay at home moms, perhaps?

Me: How about we chunk that down even more? 

Here's a little bit of buying psychology I picked up in 19 years of coaching and studying and applying marketing wisdom. 

Women tend to invest FOR OTHERS. 

For example, they will invest on solving problems for their kids, family, their business, but not really themselves. 

Unless they're over 55, and they're finally done with their care-taking obligations and feel "guilt free" about investing in themselves. 

We women have been conditioned to put ourselves last and it shows up in our buying decisions.

Stay at home moms, is a tough category to offer services to beyond low priced options, in my opinion.

Unless, your message is about their kids, home, business or they're affluent enough to be investing in their physical appearance, mental health, etc... 

So, if you're not going for women over 55, or a message geared towards taking care of something other than herself, let's pick a woman with a specific vocation that has a BIG reason for handling her hormones NOW. =

  • For example, women working in technology because you used to work in tech and understand that high-pressure background and how their personal performance is on the line. 

  • For example, women with a business and a family because you know what it's like to have to be ON before work with the kiddos, and ON during work and ON after work. These women have no time to be sick. 

  • For example, women in teaching who are struggling with depletion that is making them doubt they can get to retirement. 

It has to be that specific. 

Her: I could totally relate to the women with a business and a family life. That's me. 

Me: Okay good! Now we can go look at your program and fix that program to speak to THIS woman and her specific HORMONE challenges, and how it's IMPACTING what's important to her. 

In fact, since she's a woman with a business AND a family, you might want to think about how can you talk about hormones in a way that this woman sees this as an essential bottom line business expense and investment in her family... the two things she cares most about, right?

Her: Got it. So I've gone from "I want to help women not feel so stressed" to "I help women who have a family and a business, who want to handle their hormone issues naturally and avoid anti-depressants, hormone therapy and extended birth control as the only option to feeling better" (a recap from our extended conversation) 

Me: Yes, and now you can make your program and your marketing speak to her and only her.  

Her: Yes!

Chunking down your message is usually the first step to help my clients streamline and simplify their services and their marketing. 

It doesn't have to take long. 

Putting it all together after we honed in on the message is the PHASE 1 work of my coaching. 

10 Weeks is all I need to restructure your coaching business or private practice. 

From your message, who you work with, how you work with clients, how you charge and receive payment, to how people book their first appointment and more. 

Then you can get back out there and take your marketing plan on the road and start monetizing your message and do the work you're meant to do. (That's PHASE 2)

Want help with this?

You must be ready to get started, make decisions and want to specialize your practice. 

You must have a history of being able to focus from either a current or prior career or have client experience ready to leverage. 

Here's where you can go apply. 

Here's to your version of a #happylittlepractice, 


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