Do I really have to do that to succeed in coaching

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A quick tip on creating peace and plenty in business, the #happylittlepractice way:

I hear that a lot... “I thought I had to do all the big branding, big marketing and I didn’t really want a big business. Do I really have to do all is that?”

No, but you for sure have to do a few things:

Talk about a compelling problem you solve (not 6, one) a group of people you specialize in serving supremely well (so you know exactly where to find them), a way of getting in front of them regularly (not occasionally), a clear invitation to a consultative appointment where you can diagnose what’s missing/what need to be done and show them the way out of their problem; a way to solve the problem you claim to solve with a clear start to finish program. And a way to keep in touch regularly with the emails you collect along your Marketing journey. That’ll do it.

It ain’t easy peasy, but come on! Having a successful little business was never meant to be easy peasy. But if you keep it simple, it becomes doable. And what’s doable, you can become consistent at. And it’s so worth it. #smallisthenewbig #boutiquebusiness