Let's do something fun together


Can you relate to what some of my clients are going through right NOW?

Tempted by so many family distractions like navigating new summer routines

Worrying about making time to get things done AND being present for the delights and charms of summer

Staying on track with their marketing, so that they're in business 6 months from now

Getting off track by "life" stuff - the good stuff like special events and also the challenging stuff like flooding basements

The Result: that ONE important thing in your business (or life!) keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

Me too!

I'm am looking at a new, creative project and it's messing with me BIG TIME.

To be frank, I'm having a hard time showing up for it and it seems the finish line just keeps moving further away.

The next thing I know I'm asking myself some pretty disempowering questions like, "what's wrong with me???"

I'm just full of excuses these days.

You too?

Excuse #1: It's summer!

Excuse #2: Drew's 50th Birthday Bash to prep for!

Excuse #3: Kids summer camp schedules!

Excuse #4: I have a business to run and I must keep bringing home the bacon. No time for creative, fun projects, pfff!

The bottom line: if I finish the summer without completing phase 1 of my creative project I'm just going to be very, very depressed.

Do you have something special you're wanting to get done in your business this summer, but it just feels out of reach?

Maybe it's something very practical like...

Finishing the updates to your website so you can hit the ground running in September...

Writing the outline to your book so you can start writing it in the fall...

Decluttering your office so you feel proud to show up each day...

Turning your signature talk into a webinar you can record and start sharing online in September...

Redecorating your office...

Daring to lead a weekly Facebook live in August no matter what...

Or maybe it's something more personal that is impacting your ability to show up in your business like...

Beginning a daily mediation practice to help you stabilize and strengthen your mental game...

Starting a gentle, 15-minute per day movement practice to uplift your soul and rejuvenate your entrepreneurial spirit...

Implementing a new morning practice to help you parent, eat or just think about your life's work in a different way...

Decluttering and simplifying a part of your household that is weighing you down...

Improving sleep by creating a new evening routine...

I've been there, on both fronts.

So I'd like to invite you to join forces with me.

Let's do a Summer Project Challenge.... TOGETHER

Let's support each other to get ONE thing done AND enjoy summer.

Here's how it will work...

Theme: Let's make it a game out of it!

What: A FREE 30 day, #doonething summer project challenge with the purchase of the doTERRA AromaTouch Diffused Starter Kit via this link: http://karinrozell.com/essentials

When: We begin August 1st and wrap up August 30th.

Who: You, me, some of my coaching clients, and other women with a coaching business and a family life. (And some of my friends and family too.)

Tools: We'll use specific doTERRA essential oils to help you retrain our brain, boost your mood and elevate your "get it done" routine to be pleasurable AND effective (not optional) THIS SUMMER

Community: We'll gather in a small, private Facebook group for weekly and daily check-ins. You can check in as little as much as you want.

Structure: I'll provide a Daily Dare journaling print out that will help you show up and coach yourself into action. This is a game changer!

Pre-Game Exercises: Between now and August 1st, I'll share 3 super simple, pre-game exercises to help you feel ready to get going.

  1. PRE GAME: Setting up and displaying your new essential oils the right way

  2. PRE GAME: Deciding on either a creative project for your business or personal habit project to up-level how you feel and think

  3. PRE GAME: Setting up your project tools and schedule during the summertime

Time Requirement: You'll need about 60 minutes, 5 out of 7 days of your week.

Part of that 60 min will be mindset work (15 min) and part will be your chosen project work (45 min).

That's it!

We'll be leveraging the power of the compound effect by doing a little, on most days.

You can do this on vacation before everyone gets up, in the evenings, while traveling, or after hours instead of watching Netflix, or during your work hours (like me), etc...

This #doonething for 30 days approach so much more sustainable, pleasurable and doable.

And it works better than looking for big blocks of "perfect timing."

I recommend you choose something like a new habit that will help you feel your best or a creative work project that will pay off long-term.

The MINDSET: It's an "And Thing", not an "Either/Or Thing":

I hear my clients say "when XYZ is over, then I'll get back to my marketing."

Or "when things get less crazy, that's when I'll INSERT ESSENTIAL THING"

I invite you to handle life stuff AND still show up.

Go on vacation AND get up early to do your thing before anyone else gets up.

Enjoy a full summer social calendar AND still prepare for an amazing autumn instead of scrambling to get focused again after Labor Day.

And not in some high-speed, burning yourself out kind of way.

Think "sure and steady, less is more" kind of approach.

I want you to see for yourself how you can show up for a special, creative project in your business life and get it done no matter what, in little pockets of time.

I want you to experience for yourself that slow summers, busy seasons, full social calendars can help you FOCUS more, rather than check out and give up.

And I want you to hit the ground running come September.

Pick a business thing.

Or pick a personal thing that will have you feeling clearer, sharper and better than ever.

The best part, this program is FREE with the purchase of the AromaTouch Diffused Starter Kit of essential oils from my link here by July 31st.

The kit is about $150.

(If you already have a doTERRA account or another brand of oils you love, you're welcome to join us, with a $150 investment in yourself. Fair warning, I just won't be able to help you much with your oil protocol if you use a brand I don't know, since I only know and work with doTERRA oils. Sound fair? Just ask me about it.)

I'll be showing you each week how to use what you have to help you with your special summer project.

Sound fun?


Go here to join me and get your AromaTouch Diffused Starter kit of oils, then email me that you placed your order and I'll get you in my FB group home base for the summer project challenge.

I'd love to be IN THIS with you this summer.

I could use it, and I bet you could too.

We women with a business, don't check out during the summers.

Let's plan to end the summer feeling alive, engaged and ready for an amazing fall.

You in?


PS - Let me know if you have questions, okay? Last day to join is July 31st.

PPS - If you're not into this but could use some up-leveling in your messaging and marketing in the #smallisthenewbig, #happylittlepractice way, apply here and let's see if I can help.