[Client Stories] What some clients are up to (and what they've overcame)

I thought to share a little behind-the-scenes look at how specializing and simplifying your marketing gives you focus and crystal clear action. 

From my Happy Little Practice coaching on your business message, audience and services... 

  • Erin, a veteran coach with over 15 years of coaching leaders, was ready to reinvent her practice. In less than 90 days she pivoted and came out as a Executive Career Reinvention Coach, filled the first round of her beta program, welcome new private clients and is well on her way to adding coaches to work for her. Meet Erin here

  • Wendy, a registered dietitian, has repositioned her nutrition counseling practice into coaching families with challenging (but gifted!) children. Now, she's busy giving her signature talk in the Charlottesville, Virginia area on bringing peace in the home when you've tried everything, with her 5 branches of holistic healing (nutrition being ONE of them). Meet Wendy here

From Great Little Talks coaching...

  • Elizabeth is entering her second summer of giving Great Little Talks to pre-professional dancers as the sole source of client generation. The first summer was quiet and she was doubting whether she'd be able to hit her numbers. She did. And this summer she has about 15 talks lined up. She's surpassed what she used to make in her previous career. 

  • Christina took 6 months to work out the kinks of her Great Little Talks strategy on reaching realtors ready to differentiate themselves in their marketing. Would you have the courage, stamina and heart to not give up? Now she's booking talks all over the New England area and believes #localrocks. She says...

"Each time I give a talk, 1/3 consistently raise their hands to meet with me, and 90% sign up for my email list.  I am poised to double my income this year, and my clients are the best ever, folks willing to do the work. Thank you, Karin, for your training wheels and gumption." Meet Christina Here

Do you see patterns here?

They are all focused on ONE THING. 

THEIR one thing. 

They are doing this. 

It's not perfect. It's not easy-peasy. 

They have challenges.  

Sometimes they have even felt like quitting. (Haven't you, at times? I have!) 

But the one thing they all have in common is they keep showing up.

They just bring their challenges to our coaching calls and we work through it. 

And at some point, they're ready to fly the nest. 

Cool, huh?

I'll be sharing more in my emails and on social about what some of my clients are up to, with their permission of course. 

I think you'll find their focus and bravery encouraging and inspiring. I know I do!

Here's to your own #happylittlepractice,


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