A 17,000% increase? Meet my client Angela

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Recently, I reached out to a past client to check-in.

I had plans to introduce her to you, just based on the amazing work she did for me.

But first, I wanted to catch up a bit.

I knew things had changed for the better since she hired me last year, but I didn't quite have a full grasp on things.

See if you can relate and get a little inspired by her journey.

When I reached out to Karin, I had reached a limit in my coaching.

While I had always been successful with the different types of offers I put out into the world, I yearned to stop offering a variety of different services, go deeper with clients and earn more money.

I wanted to do the ONE THING approach Karin teaches and elevate my favorite part of my business.

And with a family life and spouse to tend to, I chose Karin because of her simple, doable and professional approach to marketing.

Working with Karin in the Great Little Talks program was a process of upgrading and simplifying my marketing.

I wasn't new in business so I hit the ground running.

I streamlined everything including my message, who I was marketing to, how I market and even how I use my time.

I created a signature presentation that I started presenting and within 3 weeks, I landed my first signature program client.

I also streamlined my everyday work routines based on simple practices Karin taught me for my mindset and marketing activities, which helped created greater peace and order in my day.

Best of all, I made these big changes without the falling prey to chasing the next "bells and whistles marketing strategy" that is so tempting to get distracted by.

My favorite results about the Great Little Talks coaching experience:

#1 Making sure that I NICHE my offer and services - I now attract motivated, qualified people who want exactly what I offer

#2 I signed my first signature client within 3 weeks of working with the Great Little Talks program

#3 I earned my first $17K+ month in less than a year after putting my talk together and staying consistent with my marketing (a 17,000% income increase!)

You read that right.

Within one year of staying focused on ONE message, ONE marketing strategy (speaking), delivering excellent service via ONE signature coaching program, I hit my first 17K month: A 17,000% increase in my income.

My life now?

Now, I have a new office which has helped me anchor my online business.

Working at home and living in the Colorado mountains isn’t always easy when you have a business. My internet connection wasn’t always reliable and my busy household life with children was a constant interruption to my work day.

With my new office, I now have a reliable, professional setting and I’ve been able to expand my business and work with clients in person. I don’t have to rely exclusively on my online marketing strategies anymore (FB ads, podcast interviews, and feature articles) to bring in new clients.

Also, because of my office, I now feel like I have the right balance of in-person and online work. Too much online work fries my brain and makes me feel lonely. Too much in-person work drains my energy.

With the GLT program, my mindset practices, and keeping my business streamlined, I now love and appreciate my dynamic, fulfilling, and deeply impactful business.

Angela Anderson, PSYCH-K® Facilitator
Colorado, USA

Now, here's something else you may not know about Angela.

Angela's work is so unique and different, I had to try it for myself.

In a bold marketing move, she offered me and a long-time client a full 90 day coaching experience with her, for free.

She knew if I experienced this for myself, I would become a fan.

Smart move.

Fortune favors the bold, as they say.

Well it was kind of amazing.

In short, the best way I can describe her work is that it's part energy healing - meets brain science - meets deep transformational coaching for business owners.

Within days of started to work with her as HER client, where all I had to do was show up and receive and that's about it, I had the best summer in years.

Dream speaking gigs landed in my lap.

New opportunities arrived with unnerving ease.

Old clients came back for a refresher and more support.

New clients arrived and I put people on waiting lists.

It was almost funny!

I even took the first full summer month off ever in my business with confidence.

Kinda cool, don't you think.

If you're interested in breaking past an income level, or simply greasing the wheels of your marketing and essentially rewiring your brain to think bigger and do better, then you should talk with her.

You can read my full testimonial of my work with her here.

And you can go meet Angela here too.

Tell her I sent you, okay?

Here's to using all of our resources - from routines, marketing and even energy work - to create your version of a Happy Little Practice!



PS - Here's the Great Little Talks program that Angela and I worked on together. Fair warning: My coaching and this marketing strategy (speaking) is best for those who are ready to start marketing right away and have a bit of stick-to-itiveness.

If you prefer (or need) to start with a short, 10-weeks of re-focusing your message and re-structuring your business before you start marketing, then consider starting here, with the Happy Little Practice Program.

Hope this helps!

PPS - IMPORTANT: Please don't use this as an excuse to "compare and despair". Angela was not on version 1 of her business. If you're on version 1, go get that going, see that through and then evolve, grow and tweak to version 2. Instead, use this real-life result to remind yourself of what's possible when you're willing to manage your mindset (EVERY DAY) and stay focused on getting one marketing strategy, one message, and one offer to work. You got this. If you want help, get in touch.