Live rich without being rich (secrets to orienting your business around what's most important to you = you win)


There are things that make me feel rich, even though I'm not bringing home a million dollars with my business. 

And there's ONE THING that makes it all happen. 

First, I'll share a little of what makes me feel "lifestyle rich."

See if you can relate to one or more of these, or if it helps you clarify what makes you feel rich in your own unique way. 

- Clear work on, off and in hours

"On" the business is marketing, admin, and things that must be done or I will not have much of a business. 

"In" the business is talking with potential clients or current clients, that's it. 

"Off" is time away from the business when I'm living my offline life and not thinking about work. 

"Batching" like activities in my schedule first sounds limiting, but it's very freeing. 

And this structure and environment makes me feel focused, clear and more free than when I was saying yes to everything, willy nilly style. 

When I honor this I feel so much better, more patient and more consistent and best of all, I don't obsess about my business during off hours. 

- Book end my days with little pockets of "me-time"

I have found that if I give myself these little pockets of me-time, I am less likely to steal personal time from my 25-hour work week. 

Why oh why did it take so long to learn this!?!

None-the-less, not only does this add pleasure and sense of plenty in my life, it's totally free and makes me feel rich in immeasurable ways. 

The start of my day is a hot cup of tea and a favorite spiritual or personal development text. 

The end of my day may be a leisurely dog walk in the grassy fields when kiddos are in the bath, or as simple as 15 min of wind down yoga with a favorite essential oil. 

Two "book ends" that feel soul nourishing and yet systematically dismantles the mombot habit of ignoring my own needs. 

I can't tell you how much this helps me feel like I have and am "enough." 

This "book ending" practice tells my nervous system I am safe, secure and sound in the moment, no matter what's happening in my business, or in the world. 

And that makes me feel rich. 

- Have all clients in start-to-finish programs, and say goodbye to hourly hustle

This ensures that my clients, provided they do the work, have the time, space and attention from me to get results. 

This ensures I have the amount of time and focus I need from them to get real results. 

And this also ensures we aren't always re-establishing the value of my work, through hourly payments. The nature of coaching has clients feeling elated to challenged and back again, so I need the type of clients who can stick with it. 

This mutual peace of mind around the pace, scope and investment of our work, to me, feels sane and sustainable. 

And what's sane and sustainable helps me relax, think deeply and show up in a way that I can maintain. 

What makes all of this possible?

The ONE THING focus. 

Here's how it plays out... 

Routines: Add ONE routine at a time into your work life to help you become consistent and peaceful in your day-to-day business. 

Message: Focus on ONE problem you can confidently solve, so you stand a chance at getting known for something instead of a jack-of-all-trades (exhausting). 

Audience: Focus on ONE specific group of people you can help the most, that wants this problem urgently solved. This helps you stop trying to be all things to all people. 

Offer: Create ONE signature offer, perhaps with a few tiers if needed, that gets you out of the hourly hustle. This allows you to serve your clients more deeply and stops the running around. 

Marketing: Get good at ONE marketing strategy, and get one thing to work, before you add another. This pulls you out of the chasing one marketing strategy after another, and instead helps you work more deeply on one. 

Keep in Touch: Elevate your communication to be on message, show that you care and that you're ready to help by staying in touch with your chosen audience. 

The message, audience and offer part can be tweaked and solved rather swiftly in your business.

The routines, marketing and keep-in-touch, require some "on-the-job" training and compound effect to take root in your business. 

That's it. 

It's doable. 

It's not easy-peasy. 

But so what, it's totally worth it.

With the right support and a bit of patience and grit, you can do it. 

Here's to feeling rich in the ways that matter to you with your #happylittlepractice,


PS - Get in touch if you're ready to tweak your message, offers and audience. Apply here and let's see if we're the right fit.