Little pockets of time creates miracles

How's your end of summer going?

And how's your business?

My family just got back from a week in the Adirondacks with another family. (I highly recommend joint vacations if you have little ones. #sanity)

I'm also deep into what I call a "summer project challenge." (Or "SPC" because acronyms make me feel cool.) 

It's a creative project that I've been putting off for far too long that's related to my business.  

I can't tell you how showing up 45 minutes on most days, Monday - Friday creates such motivation, progress and clarity. 

I've had days where I muddled through...

I've had days where I got up at 5:30am and kicked some proverbial butt...  

And I've only had a few "little fails" where I just didn't show up for myself and my project. 

It gives me such comfort knowing that in comparison, the "little fails" to "showing up" ratio averages out to more showing up than not. 

Yay me! 

I don't know if you know this or not, but this "a little bit everyday" thing is the foundation of how I work with my clients. 

I teach my clients to do their mindset work first thing in the morning, before they sit down to do their work.

And then, to do their marketing in 45-60 minute blocks of time, on most days.

The rest of their work hours is taking care of the business they have. 

It's doable and feels quite radical.

Doable - because it's simple and no matter what happens in your personal life, you can still show up for this. 

Radical - in the sense that marketing and "getting stuff done" is usually glorified by extreme action, sacrifice and muscling through like a Viking Warrior. 

But that doesn't work for moms who work 25 hours a week, earning a full-time salary from their business.

They have the rest of their life they want and need to show up for - their health, family, relationships, love life, etc. 

They can't and won't do extremes. 

So this is a friendly reminder that your marketing and your business projects can happen in little blocks of daily time. 

Think consistency instead of intensity

Fair warning, your mind will tell you "it's not enough"... 

Your brain will throw obstacle thoughts at you like, "you'll never get this done at this pace!"

But the evidence will mount and you'll surprise the heck out of yourself. 

Today, at the end of my 45 minutes of summer project challenge time, I realized, how close I was to completing the first phase of my project. 

I couldn't actually "see" that while I was muddling through amidst feelings of uncertainty, doubt and "I dunno what I'm doing!" 

And yet there it was. 

The evidence showed up ONLY AFTER I showed up consistently in seemingly inconsequential, little 45-minute blocks of time.

So remember, think consistency, not intensity in your business. 

Want help with showing up for your marketing and new vision for your business?

I'm in it with you and would be honored to be your #happylittlepractice coach. 

The Happy Little Practice approach is well suited for those who like to focus on one thing at a time, want a minimalist business with maximum returns, in about 25 hours per week, and have had at least 10-15 paying clients under their belt. 

If you need a refresher on the #happylittlepractice philosophy go grab the on-demand training here. You'll receive the written transcript too in case you prefer to read versus watch. 

Get in touch if you're ready for a coach for your marketing and business mindset.


Cool resources I found this month:

1) The Motivation Myth by Benjamin Hardy - I'm not finished with this book yet but so far, it's all about what I wished I had known and only figured out umpteen years into business. Hint: it's all about that 45-minute daily block of time. 

2) Free "Inbox Zero" course from April & Eric of - When I find a new teacher, first I stalk them. It's true! (That's why I'm always surprised when an occasional potential client shows up for a call with me totally unprepared.) So I've been doing some friendly and focused stalking of these two. I've been listening to their podcast, taking their free "inbox zero course" that was rather enlightening, reading their blog articles for other samples of their teachings, and I have my eye on their Command Center STEP training. I like their teachings a lot because the premise behind their approach is about organizing your brain to free you up to do what you're here to do.  This matches up very nicely to my approach to coaching my clients (and myself).