Where do I even begin? On getting started as a coach


You may already know that I work closely with coaches, practitioners and other solo-service pros who offer advice and wise council for a living. 

What you may not know is 80% of my clients already have a business or have worked with 20-40 clients.

The other 20% are what I call new to 1:1 coaching work and want to set things up right from the get-go.

They may have another business that they wish to add coaching to, or they may be transitioning from a career they no longer love into coaching, or they may be fresh out of coaching school. 

In these cases I ask that they have had at least 10 paying clients before we start working together. 

There's a whole bunch of reasons for this, but mostly, I don't want to waste people's m-oney if they're still in the stage of "just trying this coaching thing out." 

Here's the thing... 

Lately I've been receiving a lot of moving emails that say things like:

  • Karin, I want a Happy Little Practice that you teach: something small, simple to run with a family life and yet really profitable, but I can't seem to get to the first 10 clients to qualify to work with you.

  • Karin, I see so many marketing ideas out there that seem too far ahead from where I am now. I just want to start working with real PEOPLE and not spend all my time sifting through Facebook ads and marketing tricks and tips.

  • Karin, I've been trying different things but I just don't think my message is landing with ANYONE. Which one of my ideas is the right one??


These folks are serious about becoming a coach, but they're flying blind or lost in a big coaching school program that has them figuring things out on their own.

These folks are trying things, but they don't have a real plan for getting where they want to go. 

These folks are hurting deeply. They fear that their dream side hustle or new business is slowly fading away before they even get it off the ground.

So I decided to do something about it.

I created a super simple, affordable solution for people who are in this position.

Is that you? (Or someone you know - please feel free to forward!)

Are you ready to get started by not quite ready for my Happy Little Practice and Great Little Talks signature programs?

If so, here's how I can help you do this.

Fair warning: There is nothing fancy or mesmerizing in this letter.

It's simple, informal and straight forward by design.

I have found that folks in this situation do not need more Facebook groups, more inaccessible mentors or more stuff to sift through.

It's designed to get you out of your head and into action with me by your side: a 20 year veteran of the coaching field with a steady 6 figure plus, company of ONE working school hours.

Take a look here.

If you have any questions or need a clarification or concern answered, just shoot me an email.

Or book a time to talk here, okay?

Let's get you to stop quietly suffering over this and start solving the how to create your first 10 PAID clients thing.

You in?

Here are the details again.

Let's do this,


PS - Hey, if you're way beyond this, and you're ready for a systematic way of refocusing and restructuring your message, marketing and how you work in the #happylittlepractice #happylittlelife way, get in touch. I got you covered too.