Re-entry Time

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It's two days before school starts here in upstate New York. 

How are you handling the back-to-school and running your business?

May I suggest a little "re-entry" time?

Re-entry time is basically blocking off a little time during your work hours to refocus. 

You don't need more than one work week to do this.

And you may only need one work day or just an afternoon.

For me, this is when I do my "golden hour" time of marketing.

And then, the rest of the time is dedicated to organizing, getting clear, thinking deeply about the next quarter and allowing myself to catch my breath after a break from the business. 

I like to do this at back-to-school time and in the first week of January. 

It’s so nurturing to me and my business. 

Give it a try before whipping yourself into a new school year, new goal frenzy.

Fair warning, your brain will object and tell you "No! Get to work immediately and start hustling!"

Don't believe the lies. 

This IS your work.  

Scattered thoughts create "all over the place" feelings, which fuel unfocused actions, and ultimately, a big mishmosh of results that aren't that satisfying. 

When you understand the thoughts-feelings-actions cycle and how it impacts your business results, you become more than willing to do this. 

So before you start throwing a bunch of marketing at your business this fall, give yourself a little re-entry time. 

If for some reason this FEELS impossible to do this, and you have to see clients right away, consider getting up nice and early for a week and just give yourself this extra time to reflect, think and plan before everyone gets up. 

Is it easy-peasy to get up early? Not really, but it's doable. 

Is it easy to give yourself this re-entry time in a culture that says be busy at all times?

No, but I didn't get into business for myself to run with the herd. Did you?

Not easy, but worth it. 

Much like having a real business that funds your life, family and future. 

Ready for a coach to help you do this and refocus your message, services and marketing?

I have 3 client openings for September start date.

You in? 

Here's how to get into my schedule to talk about working together. In this conversation, if I feel absolutely confident I can help, I'll map out an exact step for creating what you want in your business with your marketing and mindset. 

Happy Autumn!