Sending Cards + Paperless Post

Sending cards to clients

Sending cards to clients

I love sending cards to clients, do you?

As a nice "offline" way to say hello and welcome during the new client on-boarding process...

As a nudge of encouragement when they're having tough times...

When they’re celebrating a small or big milestone…

And when we either wrap up or continue our coaching into what's next for them.

To make this a regular habit, I have everything I need to do so at the ready in my desk.

For example, a stack of blank note cards, a personalized return address stamp to add a touch of artful branding, forever mailing stamps, a favorite pen, and little things to stuff in the card for extra special love.

But I don't always have the time to do so.

And sometimes, sending a big batch of cards when a bunch of clients sign up, can be too time consuming.

Enter Paperless Post.

I tried their service (gifted from the company) and I must say it was super simple, elegant and thoughtful to use.

You can upload a list of clients/contacts, or just enter them manually without worrying about formatting.

The recipient can easily write back and say thank you or share a thought. And you can track who opens the “virtual” card you sent.

While I focused on “thinking of you” themed e-cards with a few words of encouragement (I love sending these in the fall when things get crazy), there are other types mailings like invitations.

A few other tips about keeping in touch with clients, in between sessions:

  • Think about sending things on less expected holidays (I like Thanksgiving cards and New Year’s Cards - they stand out from the mass mailings and a great gift, even a simple card and note, is always unexpected)

  • Consider implementing an on-boarding welcome note card - virtually or hand written. Both are very appreciated in my experience.

  • Look at notecards (virtual or hand written!) as low-cost but big impact book ends to your coaching or consulting. Send one when you start, and send one when you complete. Or just one!

Hope this was helpful!