How to Make Biz Growing Decisions (And stop the self-doubt!) - Jan 14, 2010

 Successful people are decisive.

The good news: You can learn this skill.

One of the biggest barriers to creating forward momentum I see with wellness pros is churning, churning, churning over decisions.

This wastes SO much energy, creates getting stuck in a rut and leads to taking forever to finish projects.

To make decisions that grow your business you have to learn how to STOP mulling over and stressing over every decision and how to know what's best for you and your biz quickly. 

In this class I'll teach you my secret works-every-time technique for making decisions that are profitable for your biz and authentic to who you are and how you choose to lead your life. 

This strategy works to honor both your "gut sense" and your mind. You'll love it. 

Won’t you join us?

This 75 minute tele-training is free for members of The Wellness Professional Network.

When? Thursday, Jan 14th, 2010 Noon Eastern

Can’t make it? No problem. I record and transcribe each tele-training. Members can access them as often as they want.

So don’t miss out! It’s super affordable and absolutely necessary for you to learn these types of skills to make your private practice fly. (And take it into the 21st century!).

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You’re going to love learning about marketing and making more money as an authentic wellness pro.

Hope to see you there!

Karin Witzig Rozell

Founder, The Wellness Professional Network