Wellness Pro Success Secret #1 - Charge by Value, Not by Hour

Here’s a transformational idea for your private practice that few wellness pros know about. Charge by the value of your services instead of charging by the hour.

Why does this change absolutely EVERYTHING?

Because in order for you to do this, you must first really get what your services are worth in the eyes of your clients.

Most wellness pros understand the value of their services because they understand what it means TO THEM.

That’s why they became a practitioner. They get it.

So their communication style is based on what they understand to be true and impactful.

But that’s not what works.

What works is to marry your service to a message that matters TO YOUR CLIENTS.

And you can only do that when you understand the impact of your service in your clients’ eyes and communicate about that at all times.

When you know how valueable your services are in your clients' lives, it also raises the roof on your confidence and gives you courage to get out there and share the information you have.

How do you figure out what really matters to your clients? How do you figure out what actually has them pull out their credit card and say YES to themselves, to a better life and to your services?

That’s success secret #2.

If you would like to learn more charging by value instead of by the hour, I’ll be going over it in detail this Friday, Jan 8th at Noon eastern on my free tele-class on "The 8 Money and Marketing Secrets to Jumpstart Your Private Practice Success in 2010."

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