3 Ways to Stay Consistent in Your Wellness Biz, When You Don’t Feel Like It


When you’re in private practice or running a wellness company of any kind, your email list is the heart of your business.

When you’re in touch regularly, you create connection, trust, likeability, responsiveness and you’re viewed as being, well, consistent. And that leads to more clients, a greater sense of flow and fun in your biz and helping more people.

And when you’re in touch only now and again, it has the contrary affect.

But here’s the thing. If you’re in the health and healing arts, helping people look better, feel better or know better for a living, it’s a lot like being an artist.

Sometimes the muse is there. And other times, not so much. And that’s normal. That nature of giving your high quality attention to clients and leading others to personal and professional breakthroughs requires mindful energy management.  And that includes frequent breaks to refuel your creative spirit.

But what do you do when you simply don’t feel like being in touch?

Whether you’ve overworked yourself, or you’re going through something personal or simply diving into a creative refueling period, there are times when this happens.

In the past, I would let this sort of derail my business momentum. But I think there’s a way to honor your desire for periods of time off, and yet keep your business thriving and connecting with your tribe.

Now for sure, there are some behind-the-scenes things you can set up to ensure you do feel more inspired, more consistently then not, but for now, let’s focus on how to stay consistent, right now, when you’re in the middle of “not feeling like writing my list or blogging or whatever!”


1)      Repost your best stuff from the past.

Send out a short and sweet I’m thinking of you message ( 1-3 paragraphs tops!) with a link to a past article you once shared in your blog (or some other place you shared it, like a magazine or web portal article). Something you are really proud of, that you especially like or received lots of love from your tribe. It can look like this…

Hey there!

I was just thinking about how challenging it can be to know what to write for your email newsletter. I use to freeze up every time I sat down to write something, even though I knew I had tons to say.  So I thought to share what I do now that totally put an end to this situation.  

I purchase a stack of steno pads from Amazon, and keep one handy at my desk at all times. Whenever I’m on a coaching call, leading a teleclass, participating in a program, watching a video training, or even watching TV, and I hear something that would make a good short article or fun Facebook post, I jot it down.

It can be a question that someone asked, or I hear a response to something I said that was really helpful to someone, or even when a client shares a breakthrough.

Then when it’s time to update my Hootsuite account, or write an article or blog post, I only have to look at my steno pad for an idea.

That’s it! Now you may be more mobile than me, so you could use your smart phone to jot down your ideas too.

It’s super low tech but it really, really works.

Try it. And let me know how it goes!



2)      Send out a short and sweet resource

Think of something from your everyday life that makes your life better, easier or more fun that could also make your potential clients lives better too. It can be a “click and buy” resource on Amazon.com, an informational resource, a course, whatever. As long as it’s relevant to you AND your tribe.  Here’s an example…

Hey there!

You know, I spend a lot of time on the phone with my clients. Living in the country forces you to get savvy about how to connect with the world at large with a phone and an internet connection.

So today, I thought I’d share with you my favorite headset phone I’ve used for nearly 10 years in my work-from-home 6 figure biz! Yep, it’s lasted that long!

In fact, I bought a new one recently only because my 2 year old got his hands on it and after some bashing around, he finally killed it. So that’s the only reason I had to get a new one. But it was a no-brainer as to what phone I’d get.

Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/KarinsPhone

Here’s to making your work-at-home lifestyle easier, better and all around more fun,



3)      Think “Oprah-ify Your Biz” and post guest articles from other professionals that compliment (not compete) with your practice.

Even if they offer something very similar to what you do, you can share those in the spirit of opening your heart vs guarding against the very real competition that exists. (I find this neutralizes those fears and actually creates camaraderie and connection with your colleagues.)

Be sure to invite the person to share their article that you posted in your blog, let’s say, with their social media friends and their list too (this may send a bit of traffic your way!). And it positions you as an authority.

That’s what Oprah does, right? She invites experts and shares their stuff with her tribe. She’s an authority of what resonates with her tribe.

And quite frankly, it breaks up the constant “this is what I think” blog posts and ezines with "cool stuff you might like too" posts that can be a bit more palatable to your audience. (Especially in the age of social media posts with everyone sharing how fabulous they are.)

This can really be great if you’re starting out and aren’t sure what to write or simply don’t have the time to write for a period of time. You can share the good stuff that you do find instead. And when you’re ready (or inspired!) you can write your own articles too.

And lastly, it deserves to be said: Sometimes you just need a break. A full on, don’t log on to the internet or think about biz break. Sometimes you just need a day. Other times you need a week. It’s okay to do this. In fact the more regularly you do this, the less you’ll experience the “I don’t wanna talk or write to no one!” blues.  :)


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