You Get to Choose Your Legacy


Secret #7: A in "Rockstars" is for Attract

Rockstars know that action alone won’t cut it. They do the inner work in order to be in alignment with their vision and attract their successes. 


You Get to Choose Your Legacy

At some point in your life, you realize that the people who raised you weren’t any smarter than you. They were just regular people, doing the best they can.

So it makes sense, as you take the steps to move your business and life forward, that you consciously choose what family beliefs to keep, and what beliefs to let go.

Here’s a great exercise: Take out a piece of paper and make three columns. In the left column, make a list of your top beliefs about what it means to be financially successful.

In the middle column write down where you learned each belief from. Maybe it was from a family member, teacher, society, friend, etc… wherever. The third column is the keep or reframe category.

Look at what you listed. If a belief truly empowers you to define success on your own terms, keep it. If you realize that a particular belief isn’t empowering, ditch it.

For example, if you realize your dad isn’t all that financially savvy after all, and isn’t modeling a way of managing money that inspires you, then his ideas about money should no longer influence you.

Take things on the lists like this, and then reframe it. Choose a new belief that better supports you, and write it down. Then start to speak, act and choose thoughts that are in alignment with this new belief.

You don’t have to relive your family’s beliefs unless you choose to do so. You don’t have to go to a therapist’s office to figure this out, either. You get to choose your legacy. Just start “practicing” alignment with your new beliefs. In time, it will become part of you and you’ll see a difference. And make time for this. You are worth it.

Want some help creating YOUR legacy? Let's start from the inside out by upgrading your beliefs about what you think is possible in your life transformation business.

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