Wellness Pros Need to Refuel Regularly to Succeed



Secret #8: The Last "R" in "Rockstar" is for Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Rockstars repeat what works, eliminate what doesn’t, and have rituals of professional renewal to be able to continue their successes. True Rockstars are here to stay. 


Refuel Regularly

When you’re first learning how to be in business for yourself and help others for a living, it’s easy to slip into overworking and making sure everyone gets what they want at the cost of your well-being.

Working too much creates foggy thinking, exhaustion and thoughts that make you believe something is wrong with your business.

When the greater truth is, you just need a nap.

If you don’t interrupt this pattern early on by giving yourself regular breaks in your schedule just to BE, then you create a pattern of working too much, burning out, and then needing a few weeks off. This crushes your business momentum.

Instead, consider blocking off regular time each week and each month (I take the last week of every month off from clients and it’s wonderfully restorative).

Taking time off during the week is especially important if your weekend is filled with parenting. Sometimes all you need is once a month and at other times, you need every Friday afternoon off.

This is essential to your success and mental sharpness in the wellness field.

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