Are you enough of an EXPERT to write your book? (um… yeah, you are!)

  So you want to write a book…

Do you need a decade of experience before you’re qualified?

Do you need hundreds of client experiences under your belt?

Do you need several degrees, certifications and initials after your name?

The simple (and wonderful) answer is NO.

Most people think that they need to become recognized as an EXPERT before they write a book. But those days are over. In fact, that’s rather backwards thinking today.

Here’s a secret for you…

You become recognized as an EXPERT the moment YOU DECIDE that you are an EXPERT.

You have to choose yourself. That’s how you succeed now.

The days of waiting and praying to get chosen by some authority outside of yourself are gone. You no longer need permission from a corporation, a guru, or a media conglomerate like a book publisher to notice you.

In fact, if you keep waiting to be “anointed” before you see yourself as an expert and share what you know, you’ll likely never share much of anything.

The great news is that all you really need to be an EXPERT in your field is a strong opinion. You need something you believe in so strongly that you are willing to shout it from the rooftops.

And I know you have one!

The only question that remains is are you willing to STOP WAITING and become THE EXPERT in your field NOW?

The fastest way to do this (and the coolest way) is to write a book sharing your ideas.

Having a book makes YOU the expert.

And yes, if YOU HAVE AN OPINION about how to makes someone’s life better, you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to write a book NOW.

And here’s the bottom line…

Experts get hired more. Experts get paid more. Experts get invited to share their opinions on stage.

Why not become the go-to expert in your niche?

Why keep waiting for “some day” when that day will likely never come?

We want to help you claim your expert status now by helping you realize your dream of writing your book. We believe it’s one of the very best things you can do for your business…

Here’s what it did for Tarisha Tourok of New Zealand, a graduate of our Book Program…

Her greatest fear was that when it came time to write, she wouldn’t have a thing to say.

Check out what she just emailed me this week:

“My whole life my dream was to write a book. But I felt like I had to 'become' someone, almost enlightened before I could do it. But as it turns out, I knew more than enough to write a book.

Karin & Drew’s program made this huge undertaking of writing the book so easy I couldn't believe it. And the process helped me tremendously in my business: I got so clear on what I do, on the steps of my program and it gave me confidence in my knowledge.

Now, saying that I'm a published author gives me a lot of credibility. I see more respect in people's eyes and it became easier to attract clients.

When I started my deepest fear was that I don't have much to write about and will struggle with filling 50 pages. Well, my book is 180 pages now and I know it's just a beginning.

In fact, I'm planning my next book now, with the system that Karin & Drew shared. Now I can easily write a book every year. Thank you so much!”

Tarisha Tourok, Re-Ignite Your Love Coach

Tarisha’s book: “How to Make Him Fall in Love with You All Over Again: 7 Weeks to More Intimacy and Delicious Sex in Your Relationship”











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Karin (and Drew)