Are you willing to be VULNERABLE?

Vulnerability is when you know what feels true for you, and it conflicts with your beliefs about what is “right.” – Drew

You know what has impressed us most about the people joining our Irresistibly Attractive WellPro Program?

The QUALITY of the women who’ve decided to join us in becoming irresistibly attractive in 2013.

More specifically, these women are so ready to have what they really desire that they are willing to be VULNERABLE.

Allow me to go into some more depth as to why a willingness to be vulnerable is so critical to your long term success and happiness.


Yes, I do marketing for your wellness business.

I can help you get a solid brand under your feet, I can teach you how to get your focused message out to the right people, and how to make giant leaps in your business.

And that’s wonderful, important stuff, but the truth is that I am guessing your big dream – the reason you were inspired to become a wellness pro in the first place – has little to do with becoming a marketing wiz or a business tycoon.

No, the real reason you became a Wellness Pro is because you found something that you felt powerfully connected to, and you know this information could change people’s lives. And you wanted a better life for yourself, too.

And somewhere along the road you realized that you needed to figure out this ‘marketing thing’ in order for to make your dream come true.

While a little focused marketing presented to the right people does wonders for your business, it will never be the primary factor that determines the success of your wellness business.

Because when you get down to the core, All Business is Personal.

And so, if you want to experience true success in your business and life, at some point you’re going to have to allow yourself to be VULNERABLE.


Because the day you allow yourself to be vulnerable is the day that you allow yourself to follow your inner guidance and making your decisions based on what feels good to YOU, instead of doing the all the “right” things that you’ve been conditioned to do by well meaning parents, teachers, and coaches.

And it is also the day that you finally start sharing the message you really, really want to share with others, versus what you think people will find acceptable. (And anything less doesn't ever really work.)


Certainly, it seems easier NOT to allow yourself to feel vulnerable. It seems easier to continue making excuses and rationalize why you cannot say what you want in your business or have what you really want right now in any part of your life.

It seems easier to ignore your desires and pretend they don’t exist. It seems easier not to invest in yourself. It seems easier not to rock the boat. It seems easier to “hope that things change” instead of consciously choosing to become the change.

But deep down, you know that this is really the hard way to go about things. Deep down you know that you cannot keep delaying your desires or sweeping them under the rug. And deep down, you know that the first step is to look inward and feel the vulnerability of coming face to face with the truth of your desires.

So it’s true that in the Irresistibly Attractive WellPro Program we’re asking you to be vulnerable. And sure, feeling vulnerable can be scary. (We prefer to call it “exhilarating!”) And yes, we understand that not everyone’s ready for this level of intimacy. Some people will never be ready, and that’s fine, too.

But as you read these words, you notice a feeling of resonance and expansion, those feelings are trying to tell you that it might be time to step into your vulnerability and join us in a remarkable year together.

The year where you finally start saying what you really want to say in your biz…

The year when you begin to reorient your life around becoming irresistible to yourself and the opportunities you yearn for.

In the bigger picture, allowing yourself to be a little vulnerable now will pay huge dividends for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

In fact, none of this is really that hard. It just requires that you begin to show up for yourself, claim your desires, and allow them to come into your life more easily than you have in the past.


So who are these remarkable, open-minded, courageous women joining us?

You can meet one now.

Come meet Pat Min Cohen and find out why she said this year was going to be about so much more then marketing and why she chose the Private Platinum level.

The program starts February 7th.

And heads up, you only have 6 more days to save $500 off the full rate of this program.


Here’s to creating your biz and your life in complete alignment with who you are and how you want to live, Karin