Are you willing to RELAX into what you want? (Early Bird pricing ends today!)


Today I want to remind you of something important

that you might have forgotten.

True success is not hard. It’s simple.

True success is easy. True success comes from living in alignment.

Intuitively, you know this, of course. But most of us tend to forget this.

Of course, this is not surprising when you consider all the messages drilled into you from an early age (the ones you’re probably still listening to more than you’d like to admit) that imply that the only way for a woman to get what she wants is to sacrifice herself in order to some day become “worthy” of her deepest desires.

So you work hard. You tolerate struggling. You choose to settle for a sliver of your deepest desires.

Of course this is not unusual… In fact, this is what most wellness pros do.

Well, today I am here to nudge you into saying, “ENOUGH.”

I am here to remind you that it’s SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER.

I am here to remind you that chasing the meaningful success you desire does not require you to suffer, strive like hell or to settle.

I am here to remind you that true success is ATTRACTED to WHO YOU ARE, not a delayed reward for what you do.

And I want you to ease up. I want you to have it all. I want you to know that it’s really possible to RELAX into your deepest desires and ATTRACT them to you.

I want you to become Irresistibly Attractive to yourself, and to the world at large.

I want the clients, the deep relationships, the money you want, and the love you want to start knocking on YOUR DOOR, instead of you to continue hoping, chasing, trying to learn some “secret formula” that will allow your dreams to come true. You can have anything you want in this life… the key is whether or not you’re willing to allow it in, if you’re WILLING for it to be EASY.

And as odd as it sounds, if there’s some area of your life where you’re not seeing what you want, it’s only because you’re not WILLING TO ALLOW IT.

Old habits die hard.

Right now, I want you to imagine how it would FEEL to be living truly wealthy life (full of juicy relationships, plenty of money, freedom to live the lifestyle you desire, and lucrative work you feel powerfully connected to) RIGHT NOW…

Certainly this would feel good, but more specifically, I bet you would feel a powerful feeling of RELIEF.

You could let go of the worry, the doubt, and the struggle and just live in peace. You could finally RELAX. You could finally let go, you could finally feel free… Nice, right?

Consider this…

If the true end goal of building your wellness business is that you will feel more relaxed, more secure, more at ease, and more aligned then the only way to get there is to start feeling more aligned NOW.

This is how it really works.

You can only rise as high in your business and life as your foundation goes deep.

And we’ve discovered that your personal foundation consists of The 4 Core Relationships. The stronger your Core, the more naturally attractive you will become.

If you’re ready to relax, if you’re ready for it to be easier, if you’re ready to ALLOW yourself to have what you really want, once and for all, then I invite you to join us in our revolutionary new program, The Irresistibly Attractive WellPro: Attracting Success in Life and Business from the Inside Out.

We’re going to personally show you how creating the lifestyle and the business you really want can be so much easier than you’re allowing it to be right now.

We’ve made it very easy to afford (1-3 clients is all you need to cover your investment!), with 3 options to meet you wherever you are today…

Everything you need to learn more and join us here: Most of all, I hope 2013 is the year you finally allow yourself to have everything you want, and more importantly, that you allow it to be easy.

Please note today (January 19th at Midnight) is the last day to take advantage of Early Bird pricing and save $1000.

Karin & Drew

P.S. If you have not already, I encourage you to take The Core 4 Relationships assessment, too. This will give you an idea of what you’re currently willing to allow comparing to what you most desire. And we’ll be showing you how to increase your 4 Core Score, one step at a time, one Core relationship at a time.