How She Did It: Author Profile of Lisa Cummings

Meet Lisa Cummings, Holistic Nutrition Coach and The Slim and Sexy Mom’s Expert, Westport, CT, of Have you always wanted to write a book? Why?

Yes, once I started my small health coaching business, that’s when I thought a book would be a GREAT thing to have. I loved the idea of having something larger than a business card that talked about what I did. And to have it in my own voice, that featured my unique approach and personality, and made it fun and not so daunting. With a book, I felt like my future clients could get a glimpse of what makes me special and unique.

What made you decide that NOW was the time to get it done?

I was on a 3-4 month maternity leave (which meant I was not taking on any new clients). I thought a book is the perfect thing to focus on (while the baby naps) and the perfect project to keep me engaged in what I love to do.

What was the best part of the book writing and publishing process for you?

I loved coming up with the title and writing the outline. Once I felt comfortable with those two things, the actual writing was easy! Drew and Karin made this process fun and helped me come up with something original.  Once that was done, the book just flowed from there. I also loved that I could hire layout designer at a very reasonable rate, to take my edited copy and format it for publishing. This is something that if I had to figure out on my own, I would have procrastinated for months.

Can you roughly estimate how much you invested in your book production team (editor, designer, kindle conversion, etc)?

Here’s a breakdown of my rough costs: Editor: $350, Book Cover Design: $250 flat fee (this included a few rounds of revisions), Book Design (layout, text formatting, and updating my website with a new products page featuring book, creating an opt-in to download a free chapter and sidebar link and image): $660, Publishing upload and Kindle conversion: about $80. So a total of $1,340

How long would you say did it take you to write it, start to finish?

I started a rough outline in the late winter of 2011 while I was a very new mom. I could see that I needed more support to take it to the next level and get it done. When I heard that Drew and Karin were offering their book writing program, I immediately joined to help me get it done. That was in November in 2011 and my book was published in May of 2012. So it took about 6-7 months.

What is one tip you can share to that helped you FINISH your book?

Anytime I had doubts about what I was doing, or thought I needed to say something more or say it differently, Drew would say…”Save that thought/idea for your next book.” This was incredibly helpful. I found I would start doubting and second guessing everything I was doing, especially towards the end when I was almost finished. Drew and Karin kept it moving forward with encouraging comments like that. Thank goodness! I would have been writing and revising for years!

How are you using your book now in your small business, private practice or creative work?

I use it at speaking events, sell it in local stores and use it to build my list by offering a free downloadable chapter on my website. I use it when I meet potential new partners and clients, and at my mom’s club and at various marketing events as a way of introducing myself. I have to say people are impressed! Of course, everyone in my family has a copy, too, including our nanny and her sister. J

What kind of benefits have you seen in your life or work from writing your book?

  • I am more confident.
  • Others view me as competent.
  • I feel that my book differentiates me from my competition.
  • I repurpose my material (ie: the tips and resources) from the book to promote myself using social media and when any organization, group or publication asks me to write a recipe or tip, I often lift the material from my book. Makes everything so much easier!
  • I’ve increased my list (I have an opt-in link on my products page to get a free chapter in exchange for their email address)
  • AND best of all, when I want to write another book (which I do) I am excited, not scared because I know I can do it since I’ve done it once already.

Anything else you want to share with others about writing and publishing your book and getting it done?

Karin and Drew’s program was such a positive experience and confidence-booster because you actually get to do something that you may have been saying you want to do for a long time, and finally do it! It makes you feel unstoppable and like anything is possible when you put your mind to it and get the right support.

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