Behind the Scenes and Your Business Cash Flow

The last week of every month, it's client free and totally appointment free time. That's when I either take time off, work on some creative projects, or handle "odds and ends stuff."

You know, kid's check up appointments, check paperwork on things, my own appointments, the business of life "stuff."

Each and every month, at the end of the month, I start to give myself a hard time for either not getting what I hoped to get done, and then I remember...

"Oh yeah, it's the last week of the month... I'm supposed to be relaxing, creating, taking care of odds and ends and generally not necessarily working too much." Silly me!

The only way I can stay consistent with this regular time away, even though I'm not really away, is it's automatically set up in my schedule to be blocked off. (My gmail calendar syncs with my online appointment calendar and I just block it off in gmail, months in advance).

When I don't honor this time, I start to get cranky and resentful in the business... giving, giving, giving (kids, clients, relationship, family, et al) and not receiving enough.

And then I start to steal that time in inappropriate ways... i.e. staying up too late so I feel tired the next day and don't feel like working and end up jerking around with my time when my babysitter is here, eating lots of cookies so that I don't feel good and don't feel like working. Sigh.

This ONE "end of the month" strategy prevents a lot of self-sabotage in my business.

Drew does this, plus every Monday and Friday -- no clients. I suspect everyone could have their own version of this... like a recipe you tweak to suit your nutritional needs and taste preferences.

So I've been thinking a lot, about these nerdy little "best practices" that in my experience make a huge difference in my ability to be consistent and keep the cash flow flowing (in my life and I've seen this play out in my clients lives).

I think there's a very real connection between the "behind the scenes" stuff and cash flow, confidence and focus. Think about it, when you honor the everyday routines that allow you to feel and do your best, don't you naturally do better, think more clearly and wisely? I know I do.

Here's to doing biz your way by living your way, each and every day.


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