Behind the Scenes Audio Tips: How Erin Owen Re-launched Her Biz, Wrote a Book and More


I love the behind-the-scenes stuff. The things no one ever talks about, the mindset that helps someone take a big leap forward, you know, the “how did you do it!?” stuff you wish you could ask. Unless you’re coaching with someone or have access to someone answering YOUR questions, it’s hard to get this info.

In this 40 minute audio interview, I talk with my former client, Erin Owen of about how she integrated all of her passions for health, yoga, business and eastern philosophy into a real business that is in complete alignment with who she is and what she’s here to do.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Erin’s story…

-          How she combined a variety of interests into ONE, stand-out message that speaks to a very specific group of people she feels called to work with (and is uniquely qualified to do so!)

-          The different versions of her practice (version 1.0 as a health coach, 2.0 health coach + leadership training and now 3.0 health coach + leadership + eastern philosophy into a very unique message) and how she got away from cookie cutter programs and templates from her trainings and created her own signature approach and system

-          How she pays attention to the energy of her business (everything is energy after all!) and leverages that to make things easier, more fun and just plain doable

-          An inside view of how she thinks that allows her to feel courageous and keep making progress in the face of learning new skills and stretching herself

-          What’s worked for her in growing her business and what hasn’t (there’s a very clear theme she’ll share that will help you too!)

-          How she cultivates ongoing passion and stays out of burn out (it’s all in her book too)

-          How in the world she was able to crank out a book, when she had tried a few times before, in the midst of growing a business and raising a family, and how she uses it in her business to open doors for her

-          How she created her first group program and turned that into her first home study course started her passive revenue engine (you can use this idea too!)

-          How she sets up her mommy-life and work-life to be in balance and present to what’s important to HER (and you’ll hear how she actually sets things up to have exactly what she wants now vs hoping/praying it will work out someday)

-          And she’ll share her most important “words of wisdom” about what has helped her create success on her own terms (it’s not about doing tons and tons, and working harder then anyone else and it’s more about your environment!)


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I think you’ll enjoy this casual, relaxed interview (perfect to listen while enjoying your summer holiday adventures), you’ll also hear me pause and highlight some important business concepts for your private practice and running your own wellness company.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re ready to take a bold step into YOUR next level of success in the life transformation field, you’ll be incredibly inspired by what Erin so generously shared.

To get to know Erin, go check out her home study course and take a look around her website.


P.S. You can also meet Erin, on page 82 of my book, as one of the featured “Rockstars on the Rise” where she shares a very specific strategy that we coached on to get out of a funk. And you can read that feature on my blog here.

P.P.S . If you’re ready to take the next leap in your wellness or holistic biz AND keep an eye on your personal life too, then I may be your gal. Go here to book a chat with me.