Book Excerpt: Dealing with the Drama Before the Launch

  Rockstars of Wellness

Secret #7: A in "Rockstars" is for Attract

Rockstars know that action alone won’t cut it. They do the inner work in order to be in alignment with their vision and attract their successes.


The Drama Before the Launch

When I first started coaching wellness pros, I was always surprised by how often little dramas would pop up right at the exact moment when they were ready to launch or relaunch their business.

The kids got sick, the roof leaked, a friend needed them, they developed a mysterious food allergy, their computer froze up and died, family came to visit and threw them off their game, their husband needed nursing through a bad cold, and so on.

At first, I would understand. Now I know better. It happens every single time. Just when you are about to launch that website that is a perfect expression of what you do, you find a way to unconsciously sabotage yourself.

It’s okay, it’s perfectly normal. (It happens to me, too!) Keep breathing, and keep going. This drama before the launch is not a sign to stop. It’s a sign that this is exactly where you need to be. You’re nervous about it (maybe even terrified), but you have to go through this.

The same goes for self-sabotaging any new level of success. Everyone does it, so do your best to lighten up about it. Make yourself laugh if you can. Have a good cry. Take a deep breath and then keep going.

Otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life putting out fires of the little (and sometimes not so little) dramas instead of getting on with the business of helping others for a living.


How do you handle the "drama before the launch?" Hint: Don't leave it to chance. Get coaching and surround yourself with people that don't make excuses and are really going for it too. Make this be YOUR "new normal."

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