How She Did It: Author Profile of Christina Frei

Meet Book in 90 Days Author Christina Frei

Youth Motivational Speaker, Wilton, CT

Have you always wanted to write a book? Why?

I’ve written a novel, but I never published it. This was different. 5 Rockstars of the American Revolution is for my youth speaking business. It’s non-fiction and has a specific purpose for my business.

I’m a passionate writer, and have been since I was 13. Ask me how much I love to write, and I will talk for 4 hours straight.

What made you decide that NOW was the time to get it done?

I was presenting educational programs to schools, sharing how cool the Founding Fathers are, but didn’t have confidence in my message. There was so much to say, I’d been reading so many great books, and it was time to distill it all down to the key pieces.  What about John Adams made him different than everyone else as a leader?  How could a student 10-14 apply that to their life?

What was the best part of the book writing and publishing process for you?

The best part was the actual writing.  I truly love my subject matter, the Founding Fathers, and it was a sheer joy to put it all down on paper, to honor them by deciding what was the juiciest material to share. As I read the copy out loud, it sometimes felt like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were rooting me over my shoulder.

Can you roughly estimate how much you invested in your book production team (editor, designer, kindle conversion, etc)?


How long would you say did it take you to write it, start to finish?

The writing process took me 90 days. And then I took another 30 days after the course ended to complete everything and go to print.

It's worth noting that I had to do extensive fact checking and research, given my subject matter, so that was probably 1/3 more than normal.

What is one tip you can share to that helped you FINISH your book?

Being in a program with other people doing the same thing was a big motivator for me. It’s just more fun when you can share your challenges and wins together.  The Book in 90 Days program was the container I needed to move ahead and finish.

How are you using your book now in your small business, private practice or creative work?

I wrote the book to share with potential clients, which I do. I give it to principals, teachers, parents, directors of children’s programs, librarians, and it gives me credibility. However, it has taken on a life of its own, and most of the people in my life have bought the book and now I’m selling it on

What kind of benefits have you seen in your life or work from writing your book?

It has given me strong curriculum for all my programs. It has defined my unique message and fresh approach about American history  – leadership qualities of these very cool men.  It gave me the credibility to be invited to be on the Today Show and NBC News 4, along with radio stations and newspaper articles. I was the expert for July 4th, for obvious reasons.

Anything else you want to share with others about writing and publishing your book, and getting it done?

The challenge for me was not the cost of publishing, but the complexity of it. I figured that creating a book was big work with tons of steps I didn’t understand.

Karin and Drew’s Book in 90 Days program broke all the steps down and made them easily within reach. This insured it would be completed.

I’m currently writing my next book, Whoops: The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes the Founders Almost Made to the Constitution.  Because of the Book Program, I have total confidence in the writing and publishing process.  My plan is to write a series of short books that bring the Founding Fathers to life, since I already have the material, I love writing, and I can’t wait to see my name on with several titles next to it!

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