Creating a Freedom in Your Business: Free Event!


Whenever I doubt I can design my work life around MY preferences, I say this little mantra...

"You can be so-so happy working for someone else. If you're going to go through the trouble of creating your own business, you might as well have it just the way you want. Otherwise, why bother?"

That's why I had to share with you Erin Peluso's new tele-summit on the topic of creating freedom in your work life.

She interviewed me on just one of the ways I designed my business around the concept of freedom; how you can write your book from anywhere in the world and use new, low/no-cost technology, all without an office, agent, publishing house or anything more than a lap top.

In the interview, she asks me juicy questions like... 

- How I actually got my book done while being a mom and having a full business (do you have to hole up somewhere?)

- What kind of technology I used to print my book on demand (instead of having to order 1000 copies like the old days)

- What tactics I used to stay focused on making sure my business created a result for my business (IE more income!)

- How my husband Drew and I came up with the idea for a book program and why we think writing a book is SO much easier than you think (if you do it the right way)

- Our #1 secret for ensuring you aren't writing your book for YEARS (especially important if you run a business!)

And lots more!

My interview airs this Friday, February 28th, 2014. 

Click here to join me and Erin and several other successful, women business owners who prioritize freedom in their life too!

Here's to having your business, and life, your way!