Have You Decided to Succeed? (Funny question, but hear me out)


I’ve been a coach since 1996 when I was 26 years old.

Over that time my career has had its ups and downs, but coaching is the only full time job I’ve ever had (up until this time I was in grad school).

Everything I’ve created in my life - houses, cars, money, and most importantly, my lifestyle have all flowed to me directly from my coaching business.

This was my dream and I continue to live it. So why am I telling you this?

Over the past 17 years, I kept my finger on the pulse of the coaching industry.

Of all the coaches I’ve met in this time who had big dreams to “make it” in the industry (and there have been thousands), I’d wager that 10% ever manifest their dream. (And I think that’s being generous… it’s more likely around 5%).

I share this fact not to point a finger of blame at anyone… I don’t even consider this to be a bad thing…

After all, some people change their mind. Some people decide they just enjoyed the process of becoming a coach and don’t really want a business. Some people are just “serial dabblers.” And that’s all good.

Right now, I’m not writing to any one those people.

This message is for YOU if you KNOW yourself to be among the 10% that are going to create the dream.

After all, KNOWING is really the whole secret of making it.

I’ve been able to create a business and life I love because I DECIDED that I was going to make it.

In other words, I allowed no other outcome.

This was my dream. And so this was how it was going to be. End of story.

And so it has been.

Certainly there have been bumps along the way, but they were only bumps. Not blocks.

Along the way, I’ve consistently invoked the mentorship of the people whom I believed could shorten my learning curve. Without them, without their insights and accrued wisdom, well, I don’t know what my life would look like right now. I highly doubt I’d be in the 10%.

As you know, Karin and I have created a revolutionary new program called the Irresistibly Attractive WellPro: Creating True Success in Biz and In Life from the Inside Out and we begin tomorrow, Feb 7th.

We created it for the simple reason that we very much believe in YOUR DREAM.

We believe in it because we’re living our version of it. We’ve made every mistake in the book, including trying way too hard to make everything happen.

We want to share what we’ve learned with you over our combined three decades of experience in this leading-edge program for coaches and other WellPros.

We’ll be sharing what we consider the Foundational Core of what makes the most successful wellpros, well, successful.

And no, it’s not about writing the best sales letter or newsletter. (You can get that info just about anywhere these days.)

It’s about the stuff that allows your marketing, your message and your mission incredibly magnetic. Things like your relationship to money, your relationship to your business (yeah, you have a relationship with your biz!), your relationship with the people, places and things that influence you and most importantly, the relationship to yourself.

We have found that strengthening these 4 Core Foundations is what accelerates your progress and creates true success. (And it’s what finally gets you off the “what are they doing, should I be doing that too?” comparison thing that totally takes you away for your own alignment.)

This is some serious leading edge thoughts, ideas and best practices folks.

And if you KNOW you want to be part of the 10%, you’ll need to BE ON this leading edge too.

It’s that simple.

So no last-minute, high-pressured sales pitches today…

Just a reminder we’re starting The Irresistibly Attractive WellPro Program in about 24 hours and that you are most welcome to join us if you can feel ready to grow, transform and discover what true success is really all about.

All the details are here:


See you on the flip side,


PS - If you've been thinking of private coaching, consider the Sisterhood or Private Platinum levels (all the details are in the program letter on this page too: http://attractivewellpro.com/program.)

PPS - Karin will  be speaking at the Integrative Nutrition Alumni Conference at Lincoln Center on Mar 2nd. If you're going, come say hi!