Decluttering for Cash Flow, Clarity and Confidence in About 10 Minutes a Day

One of my favorite things to do as I enter a NewYear, is setting aside about 10 minutes each day to declutter.

In my experience, this creates clarity, cash flow and confidence FAST.

Seriously, this will make you feel SO together and ready to receive more good things in 2015.

The mindset behind this is simple: One action, done excellently and with intention has a huge ripple effect.

After all, you can be a neat person, but life and running your own show creates disorder and keeps a steady flow of “stuff” coming into your office and home.

Decluttering little areas of your office or home life, one section at a time, for about 10 minutes at a time (with a handy kitchen timer to keep you focused), perhaps at the end of the work day or right after lunch does wonders for your entrepreneurial psyche.

Think small, like a corner of your desk. A drawer. A shelf. With each action and clearing, momentum and energy raises. Clarity increases. Confidence beings to rise.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll go back to the areas you’ve cleared, again and again, and admire your work. Be it in your kitchen, your office or your car.

And 10 minutes a day is way more doable than setting aside a weekend, or a large block of time that never seems to happen.

Here are some other ways to do this in your business:

- getting rid of any 2014 files you no longer need (client, programs, etc)

- blocking off your personal time in 2015 BEFORE you plug in your promotions and plans for your business (thus designing your biz to fit around your life)

- setting aside “spoken for” dates for existing programs that are running in your biz now for 2015 (this helps you see how much time you really have left to do new things)

- pruning services/programs that are running okay, but taking too much of your time or you new longer enjoy delivering and creating a plan to end them or transition into a new way of working

- planning for NEW YEAR cards or letters of connection to go out (I skip holiday cards and enjoy sending pressure free Happy New Year notes in January)

- letting go of services and/or systems that you have outgrown or don’t use (essentially plugging those $ leaky holes!)- upgrading services that you need in order to keep growing your biz (Hiring an accountant and bookkeeper, choosing a business coach for the year ahead, hiring a virtual assistant to save you time, etc)

- planning your first quarter special promotion (and if you’re not sure, just keep decluttering with intention to get clear what that is, promise that works like a charm!)

- handling some of those nitty gritty life things like (updating info at the bank, changing passwords, getting a new passport photo, adjusting childcare support for a new way of working in the year ahead)

- upgrading organizing systems to be more efficient and secure (like moving password storage to to, moving your key files to and so on)

- updating website to reflect 2014 testimonials and service changes

A little bit each day during the first few weeks of the New Year (and hey, this works pretty much anytime of the year!) does wonders for your clarity, cash flow and confidence.

Happy New Year!


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