[Defining Success for Yourself] What It LOOKS Like vs. What It FEELS Like


One of the secrets to accelerating your success is to imagine what it would FEEL like to you.

For example, if you're starting or growing your business, you likely can list off quite a few bullet points of what "success for me LOOKS like."

Things like...

  • a steady X amount per year of income
  • being sought out for your expertise
  • being regularly invited to share what you know to groups interested in your work
  • working only part-time hours
  • enjoying lots of wellness related activities (and easily investing in them)
  • spending time with the people who matter most to you (including a great love life)
  • and perhaps a few fun travel plans thrown in too.

I just made that up, but you get the idea.

I know everyone's definition of success is a bit different.

Defining success for yourself is really clarifying, gives you a sense of direction in your business and helps to cure you of comparing yourself to others (who may have very different visions of success).

But to really accelerate YOUR vision, you're going to have to tap into your FEELINGS.

For example, if you imagined everything you want in your business coming into your experience and getting exactly what you want, what would that FEEL like to you?

A fun and effervescent feeling in your body?

A sense of pure freedom and lightness?

A deep sense of relaxation and trust with your place in the world?

Something else?

There is no right or wrong answer.

And you may need to keep asking yourself "and what would that feel like" if you keep coming up with more intellectually driven adjectives instead of feelings that make your body hum.

Here's where the magic comes in...

How to use your "success feels like to me" feelings to accelerate your business.

Let's say, when you boil down what success looks like to you into 2-3 core feelings, you came up with a sense of deep relaxation and trust in the world. (That's my vision, so we'll use that as an example.)

Now, when you have a decision of any kind to make you in your business, ask yourself what solution would feel the most closely aligned to relaxation and trust?

IE I was deciding when to host an in-person Book in 90 Days two-day, retreat and kept going back and forth between May or June dates and all the "reasons" why those dates would or couldn't work.

It seemed all the dates I wanted had a holiday or special event associated with it, the rooms were full booked, I knew I was going to leave some people unable to make those dates because of the special events, holidays and so on.

It was driving me nuts.

Finally I asked myself, what would be the most relaxing and trusting choice I could make?

(Again, relaxation and trust being what success feels like to me.)

I chose June. Easy peasy. And I quickly moved on.

Another way you can use your "Success Feels Like to Me" feelings is when you're really stuck.

Here's an example...

IE I had a client once, who sent me email after email of panic about a money situation. Her emails were a deluge of intellectual solutions to her situation that served only to make her think she was "in action" about the challenge and actually made her feel worse.

When I asked her, if you had the exact amount of money and clients you want right now, how would imagine that making you feel?"

She wrote, "freedom and relief!"

I challenged her to take a break and go do something to cultivate that sense of relief right now in her life, outside of her business.

A nap, a walk, cooking a delicious meal (works for me!) anything really.

Then after she was able to get back into a more resourceful state of mind (which is exactly what happens when you actively cultivate your "success feels like to me" feelings), I asked her... "So what would be the most freeing way to handle this money challenge?"

She chucked her list of "should do's" and decided to keep it really simple and reach out to people who had expressed interest in her services and hadn't signed up for one reason or another, and wrote a short note to her email list about having a few openings in her coaching schedule.

She signed on 3 clients within a week and quickly created that sense of freedom and relief in her life once again.

True success for HER.

Want to try this on? Here's what you do:

1. Get clear what success would LOOK like to you?

I'm not talking like for the next 5 years, like, in the next year or two (max.) This usually leads to more "doable" lists. This is the practical stuff.

2. Now get clear what that would FEEL like to you?

You want to get to a feeling state that really makes your body HUM. (Not some intellectually driven adjectives.)

3. Practice using these feelings as a guide in your business decisions or when you're feeling stuck (as I highlighted above with examples.)

Note how you feel and what happens.

Do things feel easier, more flowing and more fun? I bet it does!

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