Ever wonder why someone should hire YOU? Solution inside.


Have you ever wondered, why anyone would hire YOU when they could just hire the experts who wrote the books on your shelf?

You know, why don't they hire Deepak Chopra, or Marianne Williamson or Tony Robbins, or Oprah's Fitness guru or Gary Null?

In fact, it's something that I hear clients ask me more often than not. (Usually in hushed and slightly embarrassed tones.)

Sometimes this thought even haunts them.

"Karin... Why would someone hire me, when they could hire Deepak Chopra?" 

Whatever service based business you're in, if you've invested in your education, training and mentoring, it can become easy to see everyone ELSE as an expert.

Be it the "big" company in town that does similar work as you...

Or the mentor that offers a similar service as you...

Or the famous author that you admire and respect and you can't imagine people hiring you over him or her.

While this can sometimes make the "comparing yourself to others" monster rear its ugly head, I have good news.

This line of thinking isn't accurate. 

Let's take Deepak Chopra as an example (He's one of my favorite authors in the wellness field).

It's a little like this...

Imagine Deepak Inc is like a big name, popular University with thousands of students in attendance.

It's a big school! Everyone knows about it.

Now, of course people have preferences.

Some people want to go to a big, popular University because they think that's the best way to get an education and get ahead in life.

Be it for the networking, the big events, they learn best in large groups or maybe just for the joy of being in the hubbub of "every body goes here" community.

What you don't know, is that at these universities, you're mostly taught by Teaching Assistants in classes of hundreds of students. (My husband Drew, a former professor of social psychology, filled me in on how that works.)

The famous professors that you dreamed of learning from are out working on their next research project. In fact, you rarely get to rub elbows with the people you want to learn from.

Now, some people prefer the vibe of a small, liberal arts college where the classes are more intimate, you're taught by professors who know your name, care about your progress and are available for guidance.

Maybe these folks just do better in more intimate surroundings, smaller class sizes and professors with an open door policy.

That's the difference.

Deepak Inc is like the big university setting. 

And you (and your services) are the small liberal arts college. (Come to think of it, so is my business style.)

Now, I will say, I'm a bit partial for the smaller college scene. I went to a small, woman's college where the average class size was 12 students. It was the type of school that attracted smart, grounded and kind women.

In fact I transferred from a well-known college that was known for it's famous NYC grads, including one of my professors from my community college who helped me get in. It was still small by most standards, but the vibe was fast, urban and the student body wasn't particularly friendly. And I felt lost in the crowd there.

So how can you being to apply this mindset to your own growing business or private practice?

Instead of trying to make your business look bigger than it is, or spend tons of money on “systems” or “infrastructure” for your business that you likely don’t need yet, could you own the benefits of being where you are?

Instead of deferring to another expert, could you breathe in and claim what you offer and in the way only you could offer?

And could you begin to see all the books in your field of expertise, as a sign of a hunger and thirst for the knowledge and experience that you have to offer? (That is what that means!)

If YOU know you enjoy and do better in a small liberal arts college type of learning environment, then you might love my new Business YOUR Way program. 


You'll be coached by me.... not my teaching assistant.

You'll feel heard... instead of trying to glean what you need from a series of big room lectures.

You'll feel connected... with a warm, friendly group of like-minded women, each growing their business with the focus on keeping it simple and making it SO much easier than you’ve likely been taught.

And you can go at your own pace... Because really, your life's work can't be rushed. In fact, sometimes you just need a little breathing room to let your own wisdom bubble up.

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