For Wellness Pros and Holistic Entrepreneurs: My Business as Unusual Manifesto

In June, my husband Drew and I hosted a coaching Retreat on How to Leverage the Law of Attraction in Your Business to Attract What You Want with Greater Ease, Flow and FUN.

One of the things we shared was how my business has changed in the past two and half years, in the most unlikely of ways.

To be quite honest, my business used to create a lot of anxiety, stress and a feeling like I had to always be striving and keeping up with the latest business success secrets.

I felt this way when I started my business in 1999 and even when I was making more money than I ever imagined.

A part of me enjoyed this. I took great pride in hustling and working really hard. I could use the evenings, weekends and even grab the afternoon to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit.

And I noticed this phenomenon with colleagues, friends and even some of my clients too. No one ever talked about it, but it was a felt sense thing. But we all just sucked it up because that’s what everyone else was doing.

Having children changed this for me. Mostly because I want to be raising my own kids each day and that required a new level of presence and patience that is hard to experience when I was in “Mombot Mode.”

***Mombot Mode is when you’re taking care of one task after another, being quite accomplished and doing it all, but feeling more like a machine then a glorious woman enjoying her life.***

With kids (or enter your “other life joys, passions and obligations”), and even with lots of help, I find I can’t approach business in the same way, because it leaves me too depleted to be my best with my kids, my husband and the rest of my life outside of my work.

So now, when I am working “on the business” it needs to be pleasurable, relaxing and energizing. This allows me to transition into my next task of the day with ease, flow and in a great mood.

Here is how business as unusual looks like for me these days:

1)      Instead of mapping a year-long marketing plan, as I have always done, I’m experimenting with focusing on what I know for sure NOW, and letting that inform my next steps.

This is hugely relaxing and a little unnerving to tell you the truth. My marketing brain wants to plan, draw up profit pyramids and know for certain where is X amount of money going to come from and when I’m going to launch what program.

This used to feel really good to do. Now, it just feels like I’m playing a role and that creates more tension in my life then I care to experience.

Now I’m loosely planning the next 6 months (based on what I know for sure I want to do), with also a general idea of what will happen after that, but putting the priority on how things feel vs. executing what’s on paper.


2)      I used to identify with being a savvy business woman.  Now I identify with being a Successful Artist.

The old way: “I am business savvy” led me to these types of thoughts…

Am I doing it right?

Am I doing enough for my clients?

Do I know enough?

I better sign up for that program too. And that one. And that one. And that one.

What do I need to get done today?

I gotta get to work!

I have so much to do!

I am so driven.

Do NOT interrupt me!

She’s more successful than me, something is wrong with me.

I must work harder!

All of which would create a feeling of tightness, anxiousness and “get out of my way” feeling.

That was fine when I lived alone, but not so hot when I share my everyday life and home environment with loved ones.

On second thought, it wasn’t so hot when I lived alone either. I would work erratic hours, because I could and felt like my life was all about work, like a mole in my little work cave.

The new way:  “I am a successful artist.”

And here are the type of thoughts that go with this frame of mind…

People hire me for all that I am. Not just my marketing chops.

They want my intuition, my touch, my approach to their business and life, rather than strictly for my know-how on how to build your list, make more money and do business the “right” way.

The latter you can find anywhere. And to be quite frank, I have found this “doing it right” approach is incredibly depleting for holistic entrepreneurial women and has women checking their inner guidance at the door. This results in a business that feels more like a J-O-B then an extension of who you are and what you’re here to do.

So where does the art come in?

What strategies might work for YOU, your personality, your preferences, your style?

How do you put all of your know-how, training, and brilliance into a cohesive message in a way that lights you up and inspires you to share your work?

How do you create a business that feels good rather than one that creates anxiety, requires you to push yourself all the time and do things you don’t like?

Rather than making you feel like you’ll never know enough, I train you to trust your intuition, to KNOW what alignment in business feels like and to make decisions based on YOUR alignment, to feel like a goddess as you go about your work day so that you can transition into your personal life with ease (instead of experiencing a rough landing and needing to have a few drinks every night to power down).

I care about your entire life and how your business fits around the life of your choosing, rather than business at all costs, including your personal life.

This is an art form. I may not be a painter or singer, but I’m an artist just the same and I’m quite artful at helping you design a life and business that is all on your own terms.

This is integrative business coaching… integrating the best strategies with the best of you.

This is my art.


3)      Harmony in Business and in Life = True Success

I want my work life to create harmony in my life versus feel like it takes all of my energy and leaves nothing left for the rest of what matters to me.

I want to feel like a WOMAN, not a workhorse.

I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor, I want to enjoy the time I have chosen to be with my family, I want to enjoy life!

I didn’t start my own business to become a slave to my mission, however divinely inspired it is and however big of an impact I want to make.

While I stopped working nights and weekends years ago, I’m once again refining how I approach my everyday work experience.

Now, my status quo is that my business must create harmony in my everyday life. It must be a place of rejuvenation and fun, rather than tightness and anxiety.

Harmony to me = feelings of relaxation and trust. To someone else it might mean “excitement and relief” or “a delightful bubbly feeling.”

This means that all of my business decisions must align with my felt sense of what harmony and what true professional success FEELS to me. IE Relaxtion and Trust.

Knowing what true success feels to YOU is the secret to preventing that “meh” feeling when achieve your goals. I believe this is a symptom of attacking your business from a “looks good on paper” set of goals that isn’t guided by what your inner guidance says “feels good: to go for.

So you can bet that means I approach things differently when I sit down at my computer.

You can bet it means I outsource more, I say no more often and I’m even choosier when it comes to private clients.

You can bet that I value quality of life and time off over being super busy.  Being busy-busy-busy seems so old paradigm too me.

My business not only must make lots and lots of money and contribute to my family’s financial well-being (because I love that feeling!), but it’s also is special time for me, my mission and my self-expression.

And it also needs to inspire me and make me feel good, day in day out, more often than not.

When things don’t feel good in my business, I pay attention and upgrade things quickly. This requires me to slow down a bit to acknowledge how I feel, checking-in throughout my day and adjust my plans accordingly.

Above all, this requires courage to go my own way.

As a result, I’m noticing miracles each day. Things in my work (and life!) are being taken care of, pressure is removed, opportunities seemingly drop in my lap without lifting a finger, and more.

Life feels more magical, more in the flow, as if the Universe/God/the Divine (whatever you like to call it) is doing the heavy lifting for me.

I’m often stunned at how much easier life and work can be when I actively cultivate my sense of harmony and make decisions that integrate all of my experience and what truly feels good to me ( the latter has more weight in all matters).


4)      To consistently experience "a magical life” and make miracles absolutely replicable and reliable in business  vs a one time “wasn’t that cool when that one miracle happened” thing, I practice.

I cultivate a daily practice that prioritizes my inner guidance in business above all else.

I married someone who wrote a book on the topic and is my in-house coach.  (That’s not luck ladies, that was pure, focused intention to bring this man into my life.)

I’m actively using my mind, my energy and being very deliberate with my thoughts. (The secret to accelerating your success without doing so much grunt work.)

I’m actively using energy clearing techniques to let go of negative thoughts that pop up each day. (Yes, of course you’ll have not-so-happy thoughts. Knowing what to do with them is essential to prevent staying stuck here.)

I’m actively cultivating delicious feminine energy to feel more integrated and to make my everyday interactions more open, flowing and fun (which makes it easier for me to hear my intuition and allow what I want to enter my life).

I’m actively eating well and leveraging self-care practices from my health coaching days to feel clear and strong in a world that thinks this approach to business is a bit “highly unusual.”

And I’m actively leveraging my marketing chops to execute the stuff I’m certain about.

Sometimes I forget. Then I get a powerful reminder in the form of feeling annoyed, cranky or anxious and then I remember, I'm not doing business that way any more.


May this inspire you to have your life and your biz, your way too,


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