[FREE RESOURCE] Summer Inspiration for Women Business Owners

Summer, for me, usually means doing something creative to boost a little business. And of course, taking plenty of time off.

What if you could go to a kind of "virtual" Summer School and get a bit of inspiration on things you might be willing to try THIS summer or fall.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sit out on the deck and write your first book? (That's one the ways I'm helping some of my clients this summer!)

How about filling your calendar with speaking gigs?

Want to design a money-making webinar?

Perhaps you just want some more balance, get unstressed and have a more expansive energy in your business?

So many things to do or try, but it's pretty normal to be unsure where to start.

My colleague, Val Bullerman, has come up with a great idea to make your summer interesting without adding a lot of stress.

Her Global Expert Summer School will help you to learn about a topic that you've always wanted to incorporate in your business, but also get you into action!

And it's FREE! Weee! :)

Val has asked me to be one of the experts during this summer school and I'm happily sharing it with you.

I'll be talking all about writing and publishing your book and my interview airs on Tuesday, August 5th.

Join us here to get inspired and learn something new.

And each presenter, including myself, gives a bit of homework from the Summer School that will feel like a gift and will show you how to get into action with ease.

I hope you will join us, it could give you the shift you need over the summer to get ready for fall in just the right way for you.


PS Here's where you can register: http://tinyurl.com/kqc8khb.