[Free unMarketing Call for Coaches, Consultants, and Practitioners] Wednesday, April 30th, The BS of Instant Success

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 30th, at Noon eastern, I'm hosting my next free unMarketing call for Coaches, Consultants and Practitioners.


This time I'm going to share something I recently coached my Biz YOUR Way Studio members on...

The BS of Instant Success: Breaking Free of Extreme Highs and Lows in your Biz and How to Start Creating Steady Progress on Your Own Terms

You know instant success is BS, right?

Maybe you don't.

I mean, society, TV, movies, magazines, and even us business coaches with our fancy testimonials can really make you think that all you need is a marketing make-over and get busy taking massive action.

Oh, and don't get me started on those testimonials that say "I made 50k with my first launch."

First, if you're starting a biz, "launching" programs isn't really for you.

You need to be testing things to see what works and what doesn't. (Launching is actually an advanced business skill.)

Second, those 50k launches, are from well-established businesses, not start ups.

Third, comparing yourself to others is so cruel, you really need to stop that. (I know, easier said than done.)

To be honest, getting wrapped up in this BS isn't your fault.

This is part of American culture... we love the fast, the allure of the new, make-over shows, and the promise of instant success if you just follow the perfect plan or diet.

Just turn on the TV, open a magazine, go see a movie and you'll see perfection laid out left and right.

It's not at all what real life looks like.

But as a wellness pro, you know that diets and following a formula doesn't really work. (I'm a former health coach too, so I know that doesn't work over the long-term.)

So why in the world do you bring that diet mentality into your business?

It's just a habit, really.

Want another way of doing business?

One that isn't adrenalized...

One that doesn't burn you out and honors where you are NOW in your life (whether you have 7 hours to devote to your business or 40)...

One that isn't launched based (launches are seriously hard work! That's why I don't do a lot of them)...

One that honors YOUR natural pace, personality, preferences and strengths...

If you are thinking "YES, this sounds good" then come hang out with me.

I do things a bit differently.

I'm like a holistic health coach for your business, helping you find the perfect diet for YOUR business.

Click on the following link to come join my next unmarketing teleseminar.

It's tomorrow, Wednesday, April 30th!


And yes, I'll send you the recording if you can't make it live.

Hope to connect with you then,


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