Get Off the Strategy Stair Master

Ever feel stressed out or pressured from trying to keep up with the latest marketing ideas for your coaching, consulting or private practice?

Is video THE thing now? (It seems everyone's doing it!)

Should you do a Telesummit? (What the heck is a Telesummit!?)

Should you start an email list and get that newsletter going? (And who should you send it to!? What should you write?)

Is your site mobile ready yet?

Should you host an event or put a speaker sheet together or go to a networking meeting or place an ad?

The list is endless.

One part of you can feel intrigued and maybe even turned on by the latest marketing fad.

Like the promise of losing that final 10 pounds!

And another part of you feels exhausted by it all.

This is what I call the Strategy Stair Master.

It's when you chase marketing idea after marketing idea, often juggling multiple tactics at once.

And like a real Stair Master, you never really get anywhere, or use your body in a way that reflects real life (sure, stairs are a real thing, but real, functional fitness is more than just going up and down stairs.)

Can I show you another way to go about launching and leading your business?

First, you have to start playing a different game, because no one wins the Strategy Stair Master.

Why? Because the minute you figure out how to use the latest marketing idea, the next thing you know, another one comes along telling you the last one you learned is no longer cool or has become irrelevant. (Sounds a lot like the latest diet, right?)

Marketing, especially internet related marketing, evolves all the time.

And just like nutrition science (my background), you can find evidence that makes the case for every marketing tactic available to mankind.

And like nutrition, the only way to get and stay healthy (your body or your business) is to find what works for YOU: your preferences, your strengths, your lifestyle, your resources, your experience and more.

While there's a place and time for staying current, when it rules your world, you end up forgoing the one thing that is destined to guide you to success.

Your alignment.

Your alignment is what feels simple and naturally energizing to you.

Combining your alignment with my rock-solid business principles, designed for those who prefer a quieter, more intimate, boutique business model = creating your version of success.

In order to pull this off, you have to be willing to think and feel for yourself. Instead of going on another "soulless diet for your business."

It's not unlike what I used to do as a nutrition coach.

People came to me because they had already tried all the diets, and they were finally ready to be present to figuring out what would work for their unique body.

If this approach resonates with you too, then you're likely a great candidate for my Biz Your Way Studio.

It's designed to help you create money and meaning, your way. At your own pace, in your own style, but with me on your side.

Curious? Come learn more and see if this style of business coaching might make the difference you've been looking for.

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Here's to your life, your biz, in your way,