Get Ready to Receive: 7 Nerdy Little Ways to Get Your Home Office Ready for an Abundant Autumn


September always feels like the New Year for me. Maybe it’s because I love learning new things and feel like I’m a forever student.

To me, there’s nothing like taking a little time at the end of each season to do a few business household upgrades.

It makes me feel good, ready to receive opportunities and excited about the fall.

In fact, when I go through these little tasks, I do it in an active meditation kind of way.

I don’t focus on whatever messes I find or why I didn’t do a better job of maintaining things, I just focus on what I’m moving toward.

Things like perfect fit clients, new opportunities and business partnerships and speaking invitations.

So as I’m clearing away the old (like weeding a garden) I’m doing so with a clear intention of how this is making the way for what I’m moving toward.

Here’s what I do…

1.       Straighten Up Your Work Space to Feel READY

I know I’m in stressed out and have too much on my plate when my office gets messy. And when it’s messy, it makes me feel bad about myself.  When I feel bad about myself, I don’t wanna do nuthin! Not good.

But here’s the thing, living life (and running a biz!) creates disorder. So setting regular time to straighten up and restore order in your work space is part of living an abundant life.

And there’s nothing that sets my creativity free and makes me feel ready to receive then straightening up my office.

If you find you have a major mess to clean up, then consider hiring a professional organizer to help you get out of the backlog and set up a few simple systems to keep things feeling good and orderly. I’ve done this several times in my self-employed life, at different stages of my business, and it’s been incredibly helpful.


2.       Get Rid of Old Client Files and Paperwork to Create Space for New Clients

September is also when a large number of my Private Platinum clients sign up to work with me, often for the entire year ahead. So it’s natural for me to go through my client files and discard the ones that are no longer coaching with me (shredding personal information) and create room for new ones to enter my life.

I have ONE file cabinet drawer for client files and group programs I’m currently running, all within arm’s reach of my desk. These are things I need each week and everything I need about the program or client, is in there.

Some people like binders for each program, I just love my manila folders, with center aligned tabs (to keep it uniform looking). I have manila folders in other colors for non-client/program related information (like speaking engagement info, breakthrough sessions I’ve done, a program I’m designing and so on.)


3.       Plug Cash Flow Leaks to Feel More Abundant

One of the ways I plug any cash flow leaks is to simply log into my online banking and go through 2-3 months of statements to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary that shouldn’t be there, if there are services or programs I’m paying for that I no longer want and need (and can cancel) and see if there’s anything I can put on hold (if I’m not using it).

When I first decided to clean up my money relationship, the very first time I did this, I found hundreds of dollars of mysterious charges (because I wasn’t paying attention.)

These days, with so much of our lives online and with an increased pace of life (with kids, biz et al), it’s just easy to forget you signed up for something or miss a fee that you shouldn’t have been charged.

My husband calls this “sticking up for your money.” Just like you would stick up for a really good friend if they were getting taken advantage of.

I think you’ll find, as you continuously upgrade your relationship to money and financial abundance, that you’ll find less and less things “out of the norm” in your banking.


4.       Check-in On Loan Repayments (and then Forget About It)

Whether it’s a car loan, business loan, credit card or school loan, check-in and see how you’re doing. Are you on track, closer then you thought to paying it off, or is it time to call your creditors and ask for a better interest rate or special payment plan. Sometimes just asking is all you need to do!

Make sure your payment due reminders are in your calendar (even if you set up automatic payments), then relax and forget about it. Knowing everything is on the “up-n-up” does wonders for your money confidence and actually makes you more of a magnet to financial abundance.  (Energetically, money loves order!)


5.       Set Up a Weekly Money Flow Day

Checking in on your bills once a month isn’t enough if you’re running a business or private practice. I like my Friday mornings to just check in on what’s due, file any important papers, pay bills and just feel make sure everything is organized.

When I don’t do this, things pile up and fall through the cracks and I make mistakes.

And doing this also sets me up to have a relaxed weekend too!


6.       Get Rid of the Little Bits of Paper to Feel Really Together

This is just a nerdy little thing but it does make you look and feel totally together.

Get a stack of ONE kind of notebook (like the kind you had in school) that you like the look and feel of. Something that is comfortable to take with you and is easy to buy in bulk.

I like these Ampad Project planners. They’re just the right size for me, and I can find them on Amazon and at any Staples.

And instead of using little bits of paper to write your notes (which end up all over the place and in my opinion, make you feel scattered) use your notebook for jotting down your daily to-do list and weekly phone messages. It’s much harder to lose an entire notebook then a bit of paper.

When I open up my notebook for the week, I use the left side page for my phone messages and the right side page for that week’s task.

I integrate my personal and business tasks on that page too. And there’s not much room and that’s good, because I can usually only do one thing for my business (outside of coaching calls) each day. That’s it.

I used to try to find the “perfect, pretty notebook” but they were pricey and I could never find the same one twice. And so I’d have all these different shapes and sizes and that felt cluttering and something I could never stick with.

So get one type of notebook, buy a few at a time, and you can keep the old ones in a nice stack if you ever want to go through your notes again.  (I save them, but rarely look at them again!)


7.       Declutter Your Email to Feel Open to Opportunities

And finally, who doesn’t get a ton of email these days? So take a few minutes, or one evening while listening to some favorite tunes, to just get rid of unused email file folders, unsubscribe from lists you haven’t looked at in a year (or don’t care to hear from again), update your email settings and things like that. It will be like Spring cleaning for your email.

This is mindless work and I like doing this during my less creative/high-energy times.


Here's to setting yourself up for success and doing business your way,



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