Getting It All Done Tip for Wellness Pros: T is for Tenacity (Part 2)

Be Yourself (Whether They Like It Or Not)...and Make Sure You Surround Yourself with the 20 Percent Not everyone is supposed to get you, like you and want to hire you. Only your tribe needs to get you, like you and hire you. They are the only peeps that matter. Everyone else can suck it.

I have a rule. Unless you’re a paying client or I’m paying you for advice, I don’t need to hear your opinion about my biz. Thank you very much.

If your friends and annoying family members insist on critiquing your business, try this Verbal Kung Fu tip that is guaranteed to make you laugh (and get you to stop defending and explaining your choices in life) and have them think you’re nuts (they already do any ways).

Uncle Bob:  Hey Karin, you should forget this “follow your passion stuff” and get a real job.

Me:  Hey Uncle Bob, YOU should get a real job. (Said with a smile and looking him straight in the eyes.)

Uncle Bob:  Huh? What the...? That makes no sense. I have a job. What in the world…

Conversation fizzles in confusion and ends. Uncle Bob walks away from you.

Seriously, this works every time.

Forget fitting IN with people. Fit OUT. Being different can take a toll, though. On a particularly bad day, someone will breathe on you wrong and you’ll want to crumble, quit your business and the next thing you know you’re surfing the job ads late at night.

This is why it’s absolutely critical to surround yourself with the 20 Percent. The 20 percent of wellness pros who invest in themselves, their business and are dead serious about making a great living doing what they love.

The other 80% are just looking to the side at what everyone else is doing. It’s the blind leading the blind (I should know, I was one of them!). And I want to help you NOT be one of them.

The 80/20 rule, created by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, says that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts. And you can apply this concept to pretty much everything.

Surround yourself with successful people. Hire successful mentors. Read books about successful people and how they got there. Be resourceful about this.

Here's to your healthy success and prosperity!



About the Author and Karin Witzig Rozell has been teaching health and wellness professionals how to grow their business since 2003. She started as a nutrition counselor who knew a lot about nutrition, but not a whole lot about business and marketing. After learning some tough lessons she cracked the code and now her passion is transforming practitioners into profitable business owners who have a great quality of life too.

She is the founder of Wellness Professional Network, the go-to place for practitioners to learn the real-life business skills they didn’t teach in wellness school.

Karin is the author of The Fast Start to Clients Program and the book: Rockstars of Wellness: Super Simple Ways to Stand Out, Get Hired and Become Irresistibly Relevant to Your Tribe.

Karin lives in Upstate New York, in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondacks, and enjoys working from home with her husband and son.