Getting Support: WellProNet Success Circle opens today!

There's nothing like hitting a milestone birthday(I'm 40 today!) and having a baby to force you to take stock of the support you have in your life, or the lack thereof.

With my mom and stepdad next door, my babysitter, my husband, my cleaning help, accounting help, a brand new admin team taking over the behind the scenes of my coaching biz and more...I can definitely say, it really does take a village.

And as the due date for our baby girl's arrival nears (in about 5 days!) I also started thinking about YOU.

What kind of support do you have to help make your destiny as a wellness pro come true?

Did you know that you were never, ever meant to do this wellness biz thing alone? (And it can feel like you're spinning your wheels if you try.)

Do you know that you deserve to be surrounded by high quality support in every area of your life and only YOU can give it to yourself? (If you don't, your passion-as-a-career can start to feel like a dreaded J-O-B.)

I want to help you with this.

I created a super inspiring, totally affordable way for you to up level your focus, your results and keep your passion-for-helping-others-as-a-living alive and well.

It's an oasis of inspiration to turn to, and it's all about making your wellness biz fit YOU.


The WellProNet Success Circle (My other baby!)

Whether you're a seasoned wellness pro in need of a dose of inspiration and fresh ideas...

A newbie contemplating how to set yourself up the RIGHT way from the get-go...

Or in wellness school thinking about all your options...

you need a go-to place to define success on your own terms.

Now is the time to surround yourself with support for the year ahead. (Doesn't it feel like a New Year in the fall? It does to me!)

Come on over, and check out the Success Circle right now: ... (and find out how you can get a free copy of my book too!)

Here's to designing your wellness biz to be in total alignment with who you are and what you're here to do,


PS - Here's that link again. I've made it absolutely easy for you to create an environment to pull you towards destiny. See for yourself.