Go Play Live

I'm someone who happily speaks on a stage, at Lincoln Center, to thousands. I've done this lots of times. But you know what, I'm happy to do this too...

Two weeks ago, on a Monday afternoon afternoon, I drove 3.5 hours to stay with a great friend, and got up in the morning to drive another hour to speak at a women business owners' networking group.

About 20 lovely ladies where there. (Yep, that's it! And happy to have that opportunity!)

I spoke, came home with a half dozen Yes's to my invitation, and I bet at least one will become a client of some kind. Maybe more.

You can't be invisible and expect to have steady income in your biz. (Hey, I admit, I'd rather stay home - it's so cozy and nice here! But the last time I checked, no potential new clients were hanging out in my driveway).

You can't avoid feeling vulnerable and expect to have a steady flow of biz, sharing what you love with others. 

"Ah! what if I drive all that way and nuthin, nada, no one decides to work with me! what a waste of time!" Okay, vulnerability - check!!

You can do this too.

Pick a hot topic and go talk about it in front of groups of interested folks, and then invite them to talk with you about working more closely together.

Have a 2-3 options ready for them to continue working with you.

See what sticks.

Change what doesn't.

That's it.

Keep going.

Here's to playing live, your way,


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