Great Resource! This free app is changing my life...

I stumbled upon this free guided meditation app for my iphone/ipad that is absolutely blowing my mind (it's also available on the android or as an  MP3 if you don't have a smartphone or tablet).

I've been telling my private clients to run out and download it, to help them navigate transitions they're going through as they grow their biz, and pretty much anyone who will listen to my rave on and on about it. :)

It's called "Relax" by Andrew Johnson.

It's a 30 minute therapeutic NLP meets hypnotherapy session that is such great quality, that I still can't believe it's free.

But there are some very specific reasons why I wanted to share this with you too (and no, I don't get any kick backs, it's a free app).

1) It's changing my psychology for the better!

First, I started listening to it when I couldn't fall back asleep in between night nursing my infant daughter Ella.

I'd lie awake, worrying about this and that, and those thoughts would hijack my night into a spiral of worry, doubt and anxiety.

The first night I listened to it, I felt infinitely more rested, even though I was getting up with Ella 3-4 times per night.

And over the course of the first week or two, I noticed something different about my psychology and the way I was thinking and perceiving things.

It's like the stuff that was stressing me out, simply wasn't bothering me as much anymore.

And when the "worries" came back, it seemed that they just rolled off my back like water off a duck.

I feel like it's permanently improving my thinking patterns. Brilliant!

BONUS TIP: Notice that I too, have doubts and feel uncertain sometimes. It's HOW I deal with them that allows me to continue to be successful, in and out of the office. So really hear this, it's totally normal to face uncertainty in self-employment. It's how you handle it that determines everything.

2) The quality!

The music and voiceover are so soothing, especially if you enjoy a lovely Scottish accent (my fav!). Andrew Johnson is the man. He could recite the ABC's and that would probably be heavenly enough for me. :)

In times of self-doubt or confusion, there's nothing like sitting back and letting your mind be guided to return to it's most resourceful state.

3) You can change the length of the meditation

Sometimes I'll lay down after lunch (usually with Ella happily nursing away and during Alex's nap time) and pop on my headphones and listen to a 20 minute version of the meditation.

I end up feeling refreshed, focused and like I actually have done something nice for myself.

It feels divine and I must say, it's a wonderful refocusing tool.

BONUS TIP: When you understand that everything is energy, this isn't a mid-day indulgence. It's an essential practice to cultivate as a holistic entrepreneur. I see this as valid as my web stats, marketing plan and an essential part of my success.

4) You can change the therapeutic focus 

While the free version is all about relaxing (so key to making smart decisions in biz), within the app controls, you can swap out other therapeutic programmings on things like "believing in yourself", "increasing prosperity" and even "public speaking" for just a dollar or two.

There are many topics relevant to wellness pros in private practice. (Event ones for YOUR clients.)

So now I've created a little "success library" to adjust to whatever area I feel I could use a boost.

When you're setting out to create your dream biz and lifestyle, one of my success secrets is to surround yourself with environments that pull your forward. (Don't confuse this kind of support with the kind that makes it okay for you to make excuses.)

This is one of the ways I immerse my brain and mindset to focus on creating the results I want to experience. I use books, audios and even physical surroundings that help me be resourceful and resilient.

And don't ya just love it when you find something great that's also free!

Here's the link to Andrew Johnson's website: (There you can find your way to the MP3, App or CD versions of your choice. The free version are found as Apps in their respective Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store for Android.)

Here's to your life and your biz, your way!


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