Hiring a Website Team That Won't EFF You Up

My new website design project is starting next week!

So I thought this might be a good time to write about a few tricks of the trade, for choosing a good website team that won't EFF you over.

1. You like their portfolio.

This may seem dumb but you'd be surprised by how often people expect designers to do something other than what they're good at.

Which also means, if you want a Wordpress site, don't go to someone who has never done one.

My favorite thing my new website team said to me is "Well, we can't do that thing you want, but here's what we can do and what we're really, really good at." Sold.

2. How they are in the beginning is how they always are.

That means, if they take a week to get back to you, they are either too busy for you, don't want to work with you and don't know how to tell you, or they don't have their s*&*^ together.

So if you get some red flags, listen to them at all costs.

Red flags things like: not getting back to you, personal issues coming up in their life that has them delay responses, and all kinds of drama mama stuff you can do with out. (People with drama never think they have drama.)

3. Check references. (Use this question)

If you can find a good reference or referral, even better. Even if they tell you this dude is the best thing since sliced bread, ask your reference "If there is ONE thing you could change about their work, what would it be?" then you might get some truth.

4. Their website is up to date and has some basic marketing things in place.

No marketing means they won't understand that your site needs to do more than look pretty. You want to see an opt-in, social media hooked up, there are no broken links (shows attention to detail) and basically that the site is current.

Hot tip: Go ahead and surf their social media profiles. Yep, go ahead and stalk them.

What you want to see if you like this person/agency and what they're about (you'll be working very closely!).

Be on the look out if they have lots of personal drama (Aw, man this happened to me... or woe is me... or generally playing the victim ) or philosophies that speak to a way of working that may or may not work for you.

5. Know what kind of support YOU do best with. 

Certain things I can not work with - a certain pace, energy, personal drama, cadence in their speech (I know, this sounds awful, but think about it... are you fast thinker, then you'll want to work with someone like that too) and so on.

Yet, I can work with tech-speak so I don't need someone to hold my hand so much.

You may prefer someone to really hold your hand, suggest what to do and what to choose at each decision point, if you're new or aren't comfortable with this world. (I recommend Get Awesome Tech with Heather Cottrell, for that style of supportive and built-in coaching web work).

If you're a good DIY-er and on a no-budget, or it's between business coaching OR a website kind of budget, I'd suggest one of the DIY Squarespace-like sites to get you going fast and on the cheap, and invest in biz coaching instead.

6. My final tip for now, don't hire a web designer until all of your website copy is done and ready to go. Otherwise, you may be working on that baby for months and months and months. It's not their job to help you figure out what your message and copy should be. Unless of course, they offer that service!

That's it for now! Questions about choosing a web pro? Pop them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.


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