A Real Life Story of Corporate Gal Turned Wellness Rockstar + Free Audio

Holli and Karin Several years ago, Holli Thompson called me to talk about coaching together and we immediately hit it off.

We both appreciated good style, we talked horses, living in Virginia (my home state and where she lives now) and getting her ideas off the ground.

She flew to my neck of the woods, to beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY, for a one-day Business Breakthrough Retreat where we spent the entire day focusing on crafting her message, her first steps and more.

And we continued coaching together for nearly the first two years of her business, learning the ropes of sharing her passion for a living, until I had my first child and we agreed she needed some next level PR support.

And she kept going!

She continued to invest in herself and in good mentoring and we still keep in touch 6 years after we first started coaching. (Once you're a client, it's impossible for me to forget you!)

Now she's a go-to media darling in the wellness field, and her first book, "Discover Your Nutritional Style" is ready for your eyes. (I believe she's even having a book launch party this weekend too!)

Discover Your Nutritional Style book by Holli Thompson

She's given me a 20% coupon to share with you, in case you'd like to grab a copy and discover your own Nutritional Style (her brand and unique spin on nutrition) and perhaps get some ideas for your own book too.

To see the book, go here.

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Now before you go thinking, "Well, how nice for her, she's a super star and all that and I'm just getting started," I'd love for you to listen to this interview I did with Holli, as a bonus for one of my home study course.

It's all about the behind the scenes of how she got started (you're going to love Holli's authenticity and openness).

We even talked about how she dealt with those pesky fears and ups and downs that you sometimes face when creating something new.

Here's the interview to download and take with you.

And don't forget to check out the book to and grab a copy with the 20% discount.

Enter code "hollikarin" at check out to get your savings.

Here's to you and creating your own vision of success in the life transformation field!


PS - If you think you're ready for coaching support in your own business, this is a great place to start.