How She Did It (Borrow these ideas!): Meet Andrea Anderson, Author, Advocate, Coach


Andrea Anderson took our program (FYI, next program starts in September) and created her first book called, "I Healed My Sons Of Autism & You Can Too: The 7 Keys to Clearing Your Child of ADHD & Autism Naturally."

And that's a pretty big freakin' deal. Writing, completing and publishing your book is a major accomplishment. It's worthy of throwing a party and getting down to your favorite songs all night long! :)

Can you imagine it!? It's one of the best feelings in the world to know you're a published author. And it does wonders for your confidence, your content and your clarity.

But that's not all it does. Here's what she's doing with her book...

Andrea rebranded her health coaching practice to match her book's message. She had a very clean, simple website designed (check it out, it's worth it to see how simple, yet effective it is), including making the new site match her book's look and feel. (This type of site doesn't have to cost very much!)

Instead of trying to create the perfect  home page content, she made her home page be her blog. This works well if your blog content is very compelling. She knew she had great content because her book was full of it.

Which means now, she's blogging regularly. Not just once a while. All she has to do is take little excerpts from her book and repurpose them into her blog.

And when you go to her site, her blog is tightly focused on ONE message. Not a big mish mosh of stuff.

You instantly know what she does and what she's about (and therefore, you know exactly who to refer to her or who might be a great joint venture partner too).

The book's benefits do not stop there.

She decided to do a free teleseminar, to start spreading the word about her message, and she didn't have to fret over what the topic should be.

She pulled something from her book and came up with "3 Steps to Get Your Kids' Autism & ADHD Symptoms Under Control (Before School Starts!)".

And that's what she created here:

Know anyone who either has Austism or ADHD in the family, a holistic doctor or colleague who is looking for a rock solid referral source to send his/her patients, or a great organization that promotes healing these issues naturally? Send them to Andrea's free call!

And you might consider attending, just to see how she does it. It's wonderful way to learn and be inspired.

I'll keep you updated as Andrea continues to use her book as a unique marketing and leveraging tool in her practice.

Ideas to borrow from Andrea's story:

  • Could a super simple website like Andrea's be the answer to getting going NOW vs. someday, maybe later?
  • What's your secret thing, that you wish you could talk about, but aren't sure if it will take off or if it makes good business sense? Why not start blogging or writing articles or giving presentations on that topic and see how it lands, in real time? I have found that if you don't do that "secret thing" whatever you create nends up feeling like a dreaded J-O-B. Might as well go for it.


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